Sunday, February 12, 2012

Do you successfully play the hand you've been dealt?

I often wonder what other couples do on business trips. GR is a computer engineer for large systems. We take some rather unique trips in that.. he often has jobs to do between midnight and 5am.. when customer sites are closed for business.

We're on such a trip right now. We arrived at the hotel mid-afternoon yesterday. Our day looked like this: check in.. pick up a few food/drink items.. back to hotel.. and then.. no, not sex.. but sleep and rest. He sleeps, and I rest after pre-ordering room service for breakfast, placing it on the outside door knob.

I know GR. Immediately after a road trip, he is too pooped to party. It's no surprise that sleep is a priority for him. He sleeps from 6 'til 8pm. THEN, we enjoy a shag fest from 8 'til 11pm, at which time he leaves for the job site. I sleep.

He arrives back at 5am. We both sleep naked 'til... Knock, knock.. "Room service!" Ughh.. it's 7am.. breakfast is right on time. I gently shove GR out of bed. (I planned that ahead ;-) He slips on pajama pants and lets the guy in with the cart.. while I pretend to be sleeping under the covers.. hehe! Well I wasn't going to answer the door! I hear them at the foot of the bed deciding where to place the cart, while I play possum. The guy leaves.

I pop out of bed anxious for that pot of French press coffee. We share an omelet, Irish oatmeal brulee, and homemade rye toast… yummm. Presently, I’m taking a break for the food to digest. We’re fixin’ to head down to the exercise room for a good workout. Then, back to our room for at least a quickie and to share a shower.. pack and drive home.

What do your business trips look like? Do you successfully get in adequate play time in spite of the work schedule? Hey, you play the hand you've been dealt, right?