Sunday, May 29, 2011

Quirky Bedroom Habits

Yesterday evening, GR and I had the house to ourselves. Typically we'd immediately head to the bedroom to enjoy a sexual time alone in privacy. But I was distracted and in a talkative mood, so I asked GR if we could first play a game of cards in bed. Of course, he was suspicious and thought I was up to something but I said, "No, just feel like playing cards."

"OK," he tells me.

We pulled out the deck that we keep in the bedroom, got comfy in bed, turned the tv on to the Music Choice channel, set it to "Today's Country" and began played cards. After some time of playing and talking about everything under the sun, I became bored with the game and asked him if he was ready to stop playing; he was. We put the cards aside and then enjoyed a good fuck before our girls got home.

There is nothing wrong with doing something nonsexual in bed... not as long as you don't ignore the sexual. Sometimes I find it refreshing and, yes, even erotic to engage in a nonsexual activity before moving on to having sex. It's one of the quirky little things about me.

Do you or your spouse have any quirky bedroom habits that you'd like to share? They can be quirky in a positive or a negative way. Do tell.


Anonymous said...

My wife and I used to get naked and lay on the bed and play the game Connect Four. The winner of each round got to receive whatever sexual delight was on their mind.

Funny thing about it though, after awhile we'd notice that both of us had Connected Four several times over the course of the game. We were both so intent on winning the round that we never saw it as it developed.

Gemma said...

Yeah, I know a lot of folks play the games with sexual favors for the winner. GR and I don't like to mix the two. When we play a game, we play the game. When we have sex, we have sex. But that's just us :-)...

Anonymous said...

For us, playing the game to win our sexual favor only served to whet our sexual appetites. As mentioned above, when it became obvious that we'd Connected Four several times without notice, the winner was the one who had the most sets of Connect Four.

We could only play this game for so long. Because eventually our sexual desire would be so built up that we'd cast aside the game and dive right into the main event.

Legolas said...

We have tried playing games in the past, but we can't seem to find the risk in loosing, we both know that we are going to win in the end, since she is not really into risk taking; with the kids in the house, we don't feel comfortable hanging out in the nude, but that will soon change when university starts this fall; maybe that is where the risk in loosing needs to be put...the looser has to submit to the "fantasy" of the other for lack of a better term...fantasy only in the sense of something that we haven't done before then. Things that make you go Hmmmmm!

Gemma said...


You DO realize that the game my husband and I played was not at all of a sexual nature? We simply played cards while wearing clothing. After we were done, we undressed and had sex. The game and sex were not related at all.

Just wanted to clarify. Sounds like the game you're talking about involves risk and nudity. My point for the article was to say, "There's nothing wrong in non-sexual fun in bed, long as it doesn't replace the sexual :-).

Anonymous said...

As far as our non-sexual activities go in bed, my wife and I will grab the netbook and log onto Yeah I know, it sounds really geeky but my wife and I like a good innocent laugh on a regular basis. Pickles, One Big Happy, and Boomerangs seem to be our favorites.

Then, while the kids are still asleep, my wife and I will take a shower together, dry off, and then hop in bed for some fun. Sex between two freshly washed bodies is awesome.

Anonymous said...

When we get the house to ourselves, we don't head for the bedroom - we try out some new territory. Screened porch sex is the best lately:-)

We don't do anything in bed except sleep and sex. NO TV or computers. We do have a CD/MP3 player and sometimes listen to music...while having sex;-) We play cards and games on the game table in the den. We very rarely even read in bed.

We did once play cards on the porch and ended up shedding some clothing in the process:-o