Sunday, March 28, 2010

Slowly but surely, step by step...

We are finally getting back on our feet. Besides recuperating from surgery, GR came down with a bad stomach virus last weekend and I caught it Tuesday so we have both been down and out this past week.

Saturday GR took some time to post a message over there-- you know, up in the right corner. Life as we know it is indeed getting back to normalcy, yes, even life in our marriage bed. My wide incision is still tender but as long as we are not having sex with GR in front of me, we are "good to go". That works for us!

It is a funny thing when you want to have sex but you physically cannot because of something like surgery. Several days before we finally did have sex I found myself reaching in the night for GR in all the right places. I was still too sick to do much of anything about it but my desire for him was there. Truth be known, after I was discharged from the hospital he exhibited more patience than I as he was afraid of hurting me. It is a good thing to be back in the saddle.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Initial post-op appointments behind us!

Hello dear readers,

Today I had my first two post-op appointments with both surgeons. Word has it that I am healing nicely and on the mend. My glued-together incision wraps horizontally around three-fourths of my body so it is taking me a while to totally heal but I am getting stronger every day. For the next couple weeks I will still be dealing with my body being slightly swollen but they assure me that it will all be gone in time.

After all the medical professionals met last week over the results of GR’s surgery, 99% of them agreed that his colon cancer had only been in “stage 1” and as such, did not require any chemo. For the early detection, we are very, very thankful. Tomorrow he finally goes back to work and tomorrow I will be able to go back to driving. This past week GR has been able to do some at-home-phone-consulting while recuperating so he did not have to miss too much work. Tonight will be my first night without pain meds.

The Lenten season has flown right over our heads this year with these surgeries. Thank you for all your good thoughts and prayers for us. It has been a wild couple of months. May God continue to bless you all through the rest of Lent.


Monday, March 22, 2010

Post-op appointments tomorrow

Tomorrow I go for my two post-op appointments with the two surgeons who operated on me. I am counting on hearing glowing reports from both of them and afterward will update here on the blog.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Post-op updates

My surgery went well and the 4 hour surgery time was right on the money. The good news-- No dry heaves whatsoever. Monday evening after surgery I tried half of a serving of beef broth when I felt what seemed to be the onset of very mild, very brief nausea so I stopped sipping on the broth and the nausea left. That was a huge relief for me. Of course, even before surgery they put an anti-nausea patch on me plus fed me several different anti-nausea medications.

Yesterday afternoon I must have put on a good front because all the medical staff agreed that I was ready to go home so I was discharged. And really, by then there was precious little that they could offer me that I could not do at home.

So here I am at home, dealing with the post-op pain and discomfort. Last night I tried to sleep in bed but that only lasted about 1-2 hours. Sitting up or moving at all from a horizontal position still hurts way too much. Instead I chose to sleep in the living room on our recliner sofa. GR decided to join me. No, we have not had sex since my surgery and quite frankly, I am even surprised that the doctors allowed me to leave so soon after surgery. Originally they were talking about sending me home sometime between Thursday and Saturday.

I hurt from hip to hip and everywhere in between and I am still taking pain meds but each day the pain seems to be decreasing. GR tells me that for all of the incisions, the doctors glued me back together again. For at least 6 weeks I will need to wear a binder. I have not looked yet but sometime today I will ask GR to take the binder off so I can see exactly how I look. Oh, and it seems that I have been slightly swollen with water weight since surgery and I am not sure why. Hopefully the swelling will go down quickly.

This afternoon, GR went for his post-op appointment. The doc said that he did have two cancerous growths. One was located in the appendix and the other was in the cecum. Both were contained within the colon and had not grown outside the walls. He said there was better than 90% chance that the cancer would not reoccur. He felt that chemo would not be needed and thought the cancer should be classified as a stage 1. No cancer was found in any lymph nodes. The pathologist thought the cancer should be classified as stage 2 as she is considering the appendix and cecum as 2 separate organs. If the cancer is classified as stage 2 then chemo would be recommended. There will be a review board on Friday, tomorrow, where the doc and the pathologist will present their cases. The board will consist of surgeons, pathologists, oncologists and cancer specialists. After the review board we will know more.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Worried about getting dry heaves

I don't mind admitting that I am nervous, not about my upcoming surgery but about the possible dry heaves/nausea immediately following surgery. I have a history of this so now every time I have surgery I worry. Especially when I get dry heaves I just want somebody to shoot me... take me out of my misery. My last surgery a year ago was followed by 5 freaking days of dry heaves. Can you tell I am a big baby about this?

Friday, March 12, 2010

More surgery- my turn

Wednesday I was notified by the surgery scheduler that my surgery is on for next Monday, March 15 at 12:50pm. Apparently the hospital has found an available operating room. One of my surgeons will be the same one who operated both times on GR. My surgery is expected to take about 4 hours. One surgeon will begin with plastic surgery to fix things from my weight loss. Then the other surgeon will jump in to repair the two hernias. Finally in the end, the first surgeon will go back in to finish everything up. They tell me to expect to be in the hospital at least until Thursday or Friday, if not until Saturday.

GR is still recuperating and doing well from his surgery. He insisted on having sex the first night back home so I carefully kept very still so as not to hurt him while he used me as a "sex toy" ;-). It was fun for both of us. Then a couple of days later we had sex again. This time I moved a little too much and felt him quickly pull back... OUCH! "Do you want to stop?," I asked him. "No, I am just a little sore still and will need to be careful." So on we went to finish what we started!

Next Thursday GR sees his surgeon for his post-op appointment and, at that time if not sooner, he will also get results of his surgery to find out if there was cancer or not. Please think good thoughts for us all… keep your fingers and toes crossed.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Another update on GR

GR was discharged this afternoon and is now home. He is doing very well since surgery, experiencing little to no pain or discomfort. Today he went back to eating real food again.

Funny note— GR is not a natural runner but 19yo pushed him in recent years to run two 5-K races with her. Consequently, he has a couple of t-shirts from participating in the races and he wore one of them while in the hospital. One nurse commented on his shirt, asking if he was a runner. Both our girls laughed and said, “NOT!!!” After that every time one of the nurses saw him walking the hospital halls they commented, “He sure is walking a lot but then, he is a runner.” The girls just thought that was so funny that all the nurses kept saying that about him.

Now we wait until next Monday or Tuesday for all the test results from his surgery. I still do not know if I will have surgery March 15 or later in April.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Post-op update

Just got home about an hour ago with 19yo. Oldest dd's at the hospital with her dad for the night. She’s a night owl and she can sleep anywhere so this schedule works for both of us. Surgery went very well. Doc said there wasn’t any obvious spreading of anything looking cancerous but we’ll have to wait about a week from now to get all the lab results so that’s all I know at this point. He said everything looked good except GR's appendix was enlarged and he wasn’t sure why but he took it out.

GR was mostly sleeping when I left the hospital this evening as he was still very groggy and not making a whole lot of sense. I told him, "I could ask you for a pair of diamond earrings and you'd probably tell me "OK" and not even know it." He mumbled, "You think?" (ie, NOT!! :lol: ) Tomorrow they want him walking the halls. Doc hopes to see him able to come home by Monday. He’ll be home recuperating for 1-2 weeks before going back to work. Knowing GR, he'll try and push to come home Sunday instead. We'll see how he's doing. It will be a joint decision to decide when he gets discharged.

Tomorrow morning I go back to the hospital for the day while 23yo rests at home. Hospital lunch... blech!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

UPDATE on GR's surgery

We met with GR’s surgeon today. Dr. D said the biopsy from the colonoscopy was negative for cancer, however, they will still be operating just to be sure. I am still learning about all this but I will try and explain. There is a polyp at the cecum which will be removed along with the entire portion of the colon on GR’s right side… I believe that portion is called the ascending colon. That is what doc will be removing, the ascending colon. Within a few days after the surgery he will be able to tell us for sure one way or the other if it is cancer and if it is, he says there is a 5% chance that chemo will be needed. So far prognosis looks good. We are keeping our fingers and toes crossed.

Doc asked how soon we wanted to schedule GR’s surgery. We knew doc only did surgeries on Mondays and Fridays so we asked in unison, “Can you do it Friday?” We are anxious to get all this behind us. He laughed and told us that one of his Friday surgeries was canceled so he does have an opening that day. So it is on the calendar— GR goes under the knife AGAIN on Friday at 11:20. He will be in the hospital a minimum of 3 days followed by at least 1 or 2 weeks of recuperation before heading back to work. It looks like both our bodies will look like road maps when all these surgeries are done.

I am still waiting for hospital clearance for my surgery. They checked again today, still nothing. The surgery scheduler told me that we may be waiting up to 4 days before my surgery before finding out when it will be. We are shooting for March 15.