Sunday, December 26, 2010

How was your Christmas holiday?

Merry Christmas, folks!

How did you spend your Christmas holiday? Friday afternoon I made a light and easy lentil casserole which we love. We nibbled on that until time for our Christmas Eve. church service. After church we arrived home to snack, have a few drinks and open presents with our kids. Then, of course, GR and I went to bed and were able to stay in bed until 11am Christmas morning, which is a very rare thing for us.

Yesterday we enjoyed cooking a special Christmas day meal of filet mignon along with dill fingerling potatoes and roasted tomato Caprese salad. Our Christmas day was filled with feasting and good family time.

GR goes back to work tomorrow and then we start all over with plans for our New Year's Eve. and New Year's Day celebrations. Most likely we will have a light, easy meal on New Year’s Eve. and on New Year’s Day I will only prepare football game food. Fun and relaxation for all…

If your Christmas holiday was less than ideal, how will you plan for a fun-filled New Year's celebration? We often have more fun and relaxation when we plan the holidays rather than just letting it happen. Do you make New Year's resolutions for your marriage bed?

From Gemma’s household to yours-

Christ is Risen – Glorify Him!


james o said...

Hey, do not know where to leave this, but I think this would be a great resource to share. Barbara Wilson "Kiss Me Again" (Day 1 of 3)etc.
Family life today.

Gemma said...

I don't mind posting this link but I did scan-read the article and I have to say that it was a bit too much scripture and over-analyzing for my taste but hey, if it helps someone...

Blondie said...

Today is the last day of Christmas and all in all it has been a great family time of walking in the snow, swimming, visiting and playing games, eating food and watching some good stuff. My discipline is gone. I am in my dressing gown at 12.30 pm writing this.

Sex? Oh yes what about sex? Well there was none until the last visitor left. Our son is still here though on leave from uni.

He went to visit friends with a stopover on 29th and that's when it kicked in. New years eve he was away again and what did we do? Yes you guessed it.

How did we do? Cannot say. some will approve. Some not.

Why didn't we do it when the visitors were here? Lots of reasons. Didn't feel private for my wife. My brother in the next room with a thin wall and we can be noisy.

It was a fantastic time on that level and things were taken a step further than we have ever been.

Gemma said...

Blondie said:
"How did we do? Cannot say. some will approve. Some not."

You big tease ;-)!

I know what you mean about thin walls and lack of privacy. We recently had my dad visiting and he stayed in the bedroom right next to ours so we had to have very quiet sex while he was here. You do what you have to do!

Blondie said...

I didn't say because it would have been pornography. These days I don't give information unless wanted.

I didn't realise I was teasing but looking at it maybe you are right. I will have to watch that.

Glad you could do it quietly. Nothing stops you it seems.

Gemma said...

No problem, Blondie. I was just teasing you.

Anybody can have quiet sex when they have to be quiet. I mean, I surely didn't want my dad listening to us having sex but we also didn't want to avoid having sex so.... we had quiet sex.

We try to be considerate when our girls are in the house too but that doesn't mean we can't have sex. We just do it quietly AND our girls know that if they do happen to hear anything, they can put on music or oldest dd has a tv in her room. When the girls are home GR and I always put on music or tv to mask any sounds we make.

Now when they're not home or when we're at a hotel, we are as noisy as we want to be.

Blondie said...

Certain types of sex will fit in when you have to be quite.

We are both much freer when we are alone in the house though and where one can be a lot more adventurous, which seems to be happening much more now. I suppose it's my fault being the way I am, although she likes it as well but doesn't instigate. The adventurous stuff I mean.

Enough said.