Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ouch, ouch!

OK, this is not exactly about sexual passion but then again, it is in a way.

Have you wives ever gotten an exterior sore where it makes having sex uncomfortable? Husbands, I am sure you have seen it happen where she says, "Ouch, it hurts right there." (I am not talking about pretend hurt to get out of having sex. This is real genuine pain.) My husband's fingers do it to me every time, if they are a little too rough.

A couple of days ago I managed to get a sore spot. It hurt so badly that we had to skip yesterday. Then very early this morning GR woke up horny. I was kind of quiet while waking up and he asked me, "What are you thinking?" "I wish I did not have this dang sore spot on me." So he did the gentlemanly thing and told me, "We can wait. I do not want to hurt you."

I thought about it a minute in my half-comatose state and then got a light bulb moment. "Take your finger and just slip it inside me. Do not touch the outside if you can help it." Again, my gentlemanly husband said, "But you are dry, I do not want to hurt you." I finally convinced him that it was OK, "Just do it. I will let you know if anything hurts." So he did what I asked, I quickly got wet and we were able to enjoy pain-free PIV-IC.

Sometimes you have to get a little creative to work around problems. We went through a similar thing right after our surgeries. Each of us wanted to have sex only a few days post-op so we figured out a way to make it work. Before I lost all my weight I often had backaches. I hear many folks say they cannot have sex with back pain but I learned to just plunge in anyway, knowing that the pain would be gone afterward. Yes, having sex would eliminate the pain.

Of course there are times when you really cannot have sex but I believe that the majority of times you can make it work.

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cla said...

A timely post for me Gemma. Since menopause vaginal pain has been an issue for her. Yet she refuses to consider any work arounds other than "hurry up and ejaculate." Naturally, an O for her isn't important-to her!

We did it tonight and she mentioned that it might take a day or two for her to recover. I have some ideas on how to make it more pain free but she is not interested in discussing them.

She thinks that it is her duty to soldier on. And no, she isn't a masochist. Yet I think it is my duty to protect her.

I am thinking that I need to start "refusing" if she won't consider any pain free sex options.