Thursday, September 23, 2010

D/s relationships & bondage revisited

Bunnyhunch commented on my last post to say:
“You ask whether there a topic we'd like to see discussed here. DH and I were just reading the posts and talking about your your question. The first thing out of his mouth: "Well, you know what the longest and most interesting discussion was..." Of course, he's referring to something that actually is related, to some extent, to the topic of headship/submission: Dom/sub relationships & bondage. Where better to discuss this topic and learn? We're certainly ready to revisit it.”

I am game to discussing this if some of you are interested. This is not a topic that is readily welcomed on most Christian forums but I find it fascinating so I enjoy discussing it here. A D/s relationship can bring the marriage to a whole different level, one of both excitement and contentment. The feminist thinking that was pumped into me back in the 70’s did me a terrible disservice. I am glad to have that behind me now. Being a wife/sub married to a husband/dom suits me just fine.

While I am here, Anon asked:
“For those that DO enjoy some spanking in the marriage, some "how-to" discussion? Positions, what implements if any, how far do you go, etc.?”

Up until now GR has only spanked me with either his hand or our 18 inch, black, leather paddle but our paddle is rather long. We plan to buy a shorter one, too, as it would be more portable. My personal favorite spanking positions are with me standing and bent over at the waist, kneeling, being on my stomach across GR’s lap or draped over our Esse. Our spreader bar works great for spankings and for... other things. It has four velcro cuffs on it to fasten ankles and wrists. Just for added effect when getting spanked, I am often wearing my leather collar and chain leash.

When we go on dates GR likes me to wear the leather collar with my large silver locket dangling from it OR... I wear my slave collar, courtesy of Lowe's. Yes, we actually went jewelry shopping at Lowe's and ended up purchasing from them a large-linked, stainless steel piece of chain along with a tiny padlock. Voila, instant slave collar! GR keeps the padlock key on his key chain but I also have a copy of the key just to be safe. For the locket photo I took a close-up of GR's face one day just after he O'd... priceless.

It can be extremely erotic to be told to go to our room, strip and get into whatever position GR wants me in before he enters the room to issue a spanking or... other things. Hey ladies, do not knock it until you try it. We are not much like those Taken in Hand couples. I do not misbehave to get spanked [rolling eyes]. In fact, our spanking is all about the sex. And I have no desire to spank GR. He has no desire to be spanked. We do not switch. He is always the dom and I am always the sub.

Comments? Questions? Ideas?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bring it on...

I just posted this comment underneath my last article. Thought I would also post it here as a new article for all to see.

"Now you guys are making me feel guilty for not posting in a while. I think about you all every day... really I do. Life has just gotten busy lately and... well... my marriage bed comes first. Is there a topic that any of you would like to see discussed here? Bring it on..."