Monday, August 9, 2010

How has your summer been?

How has your summer been so far? I have not been here as much as usual because our summer has been busy. We were getting dd#1 ready for her first trip to Europe. There was a lot of preparation to get her ready to go. Then recently GR's job responsibilities changed. With those changes came a change in his work schedule and... we are thankful... also an increase in income. Sooooo, I have been adjusting to his new schedule.

Then most recently we embarked on a project to rescue our laundry facilities from the dungeon… I mean the basement… so we could have easier access to it from the second floor bedrooms. To do this we have been emptying out an extra room on the first floor and setting it up with washer/dryer hookups. What a job this has been!

We are finally on the tail end of the project but it has been so much to empty out 4 large bookcases and a 4-drawer file cabinet plus everything else we had in there and then tossing it in the trash or finding new homes for the stuff we needed to keep. On top of that we have had to de-clutter 7 other book cases in other parts of the house to make room for the adjustments. (ie, We home-schooled our kids in grades K-12.) I cannot tell you how many large trash bags of stuff we either tossed or gave away to Salvation Army to make room for the stuff we needed to keep.

In spite of it all, I am grateful that GR and I have been able to remain sexually connected so we do not go crazy in the midst of our busy summer. For all my readers, how has your marriage bed been this summer? Do tell!


job29man said...


We've been doing similar projects, and I have a very different job and schedule now too.

For a while, frankly, our MB suffered a bit. But we had some meetings about it and got things back on track.

So lately it has been sizzlin' hot!

bunnyhunch said...

Our summer projects are usually outdoor ones, lately ones that enhance outdoor intimacy. Not bad.

We recently took a long vacation. I've read that vacations are supposed to be great for a couple's sex life, both in quality and frequency. In our case, though, frequency was down a bit from our usual; so was creativity to some extent. We were both just tired out from so much traveling.

We're home now, and I still have one more week before my summer break comes to an abrupt halt. I plan to make good use of it, spending my time and energy exercising (to wear off added vacation weight!) and keeping my man happy in the bedroom.