Saturday, August 14, 2010

Details, details!

Since a number of you asked for detailed descriptions of my new black leather toys- my "Leather Buckle Bustier" and my "Female Butt Plug and Dildo Harness", I thought I would share that here. Perhaps I can entice some of you to purchase a few fun, leather items to wear or for your spouse to wear ;-).

Description of harness from
“The soft and durable genuine leather waist belt secures snugly with roller buckles. The crotch belt hugs the crotch as it fastens around the back. The belt is adjustable and fits waists 25-39 inches. The pouch accommodates both an anal plug and a vaginal dildo. The plug slot sizes are 1 and 1.5 inches in diameter and are easy to use. The soft, high quality leather construction makes this harness comfortable for long term wear.”

My description:
The harness is designed for self-penetration only. Neither my husband or I are interested in me penetrating him... my reason for choosing this style over others. It has two plug slots at the bottom which allow the wearer to use a butt plug OR a dildo separately OR to use both simultaneously, which was a difficult feature to find in a nice looking harness. Last night I broke it in with a dildo while wearing it for dinner and a movie. We arrived at the theater very early so we were alone for a while. We sat in the back row where I was able to show it to my husband before others arrived. This style of harness is quite stimulating to wear and who can resist soft leather against their skin? … not to mention how “visually hot” black leather is to view. Walking in it is a breeze but you just want to be careful that the toys you wear internally in a harness are not too large if you will be doing a lot of transitioning from standing to sitting.

Description of bustier from
“This ravishing leather bustier cinches the body and reveals lots of skin thanks to front, shoulder and side buckle openings.”

My description:
The bustier is ultra-adjustable with tiny buckles all over it- 5 down the front center, 4 on each side and 3 on each shoulder. Yes, there are 19 buckles in all, hence the name “Leather Buckle Bustier”. I believe it comes in small, medium, large and extra-large. I am about 5’2” and weigh 150 pounds and I got the extra-large but I probably could have fit in the large as well. The top front is low cut and in the front center from top to bottom, there is a vertical opening which is kept fastened by 5 tiny buckles running horizontally so the entire front center is very revealing. The inner halves of the breasts minus nipples are revealed through that center opening. I would not wear the bustier in public without at least having something thrown over it, an unbuttoned shirt or jacket so you could reveal the bustier, or not, at will. I did not wear it out on our date last night. The shoulder piece close to the neckline sits up high so it is hard to hide under clothing. Both our kids were here when we left so I just brought it along to show husband while we were out. When going on dates in the fall and winter it will be easier for me to slip out of the house secretly wearing the bustier. I do not get cold easily so that will not be a problem.

There are many online businesses where you can purchase leather-wear. Extremerestraints and Ladycleather are just two of many which I find to be reliable. I have not yet shown GR the new “Easy Access Neoprene Restraint System” also from Extremerestraints so he has another surprise coming to him. He enjoys ‘locking’ me in our Liberator Bed Buckler so I know he will enjoy this as well. The Easy Access Restraint is more portable so you can easily use it anywhere in the house or elsewhere. I could get used to buying him bedroom surprises. Perhaps I will start purchasing a new erotic outfit and/or an item for bondage play every 3-6 months.


g00dsp0rt said...

if i was to pick 3 toys for my wife that i would like to be suprised with those would be the choices id make how did hubby finish watching the movie dont know if i could restrain my self knowing for that long.

Gemma said...

Oh, my dh managed to watch the movie. There were a couple of people sitting 2 seats across from him and we had 2 people sitting right in front of us so we had to behave! We paid $19 freaking dollars to see the movie so we had no intention of leaving before the end.

Mark 9:24 said...

I'm sure that GR enjoyed his surprise immensely!! (I know that I would if DW surprised me that way!)

My wife is 5'2" as well, so I am curious what size dildo you used. (In case I buy my wife that harness.)


Gemma said...

I don't know what size dildo I used. I have several of them and I ended up using the smallest one while we were out on our date.

Mark 9:24 said...

You didn't want to walk bull-legged eh? ;-)


bunnyhunch said...

We've been talking about what toys/props to buy next. These just went on the list. If I surprised my dh by wearing a black leather bustier, he would indeed be very happy.

He has made a couple of requests recently regarding things he'd like to see me in. I'm happy to oblige him, of course, and go a little further besides. He doesn't realize that I'd begun the planning for a nice tryst incorporating his requests long before he made them known.

Thanks for the reviews!