Saturday, July 24, 2010

In the eyes of a ranger...

I have been watching these reruns all week with our youngest daughter while GR has been away. I love the theme song. OK, I like the rangers, too ;-).

GR arrived home last night after being away all week on his business trip. Now we have some catching up to do in the bedroom and also in a few other areas. Two weeks ago we bought a 17 foot used sailboat but with his job, we have yet to take the boat out on the water. Maybe now his schedule will slow down a bit and we will be able to go sailing.

Next week we celebrate our youngest daughter's birthday. What did she want? We picked it up today... an 80 pound punching bag, go figure. Our college kids seem to have the strangest hobbies. Our oldest daughter still enjoys her doll collection and yet last year she bought herself a handgun. She belongs to a rifle association where she loves doing target practice with her 22.

Sorry for my ramblings. There is not much else to tell right now. GR and I got reacquainted last night. It will be good to have a week together, finally. Our oldest daughter is in Italy for two weeks so it is just the three of us here right now. We have been doing some extra bonding time with our youngest.

Enjoy your spouse; enjoy your kids.

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