Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bad week

Sorry folks... I have not been 'all here' this past week. We have been dealing with the tragic suicide of a friend of daughter #2. I shared the story in the prayer forum at the bottom of TMB board. It was a suicide that was never meant to happen. Please keep the family in your prayers.


Cocotte said...

So sorry to hear of the loss to your daughter and praying that she finds healing. Oddly, there was a suicide of a 19 YO here last week as well and my oldest, who knew him from a HS art class, was very disturbed by the circumstances.

How is your daughter doing now?

Gemma said...

She's doing as well as can be expected. Actually she's doing better than we thought she would. We got the phone call Wednesday. Thursday she had an appointment with her therapist so that was good timing for the app't. Then while there, her therapist set up another app't for this morning since the funeral was yesterday.

Dd and deceased friend had half jokingly talked about having a pie eating contest because they both love pie. She's going this evening with a female friend to a pie shop in town and the two of them are going to do the pie eating in honor of their friend :-). I can think of a whole lot of worse things for her to be doing in her time of grief.

I asked her, "Does all the pie you guys eat this evening have to be dessert pies? Can they be veggie or meat pies too?" (ie, the healthy mom concerned here). She replied with, "Mom, just don't think about it this evening while I'm there."

She goes back to work tomorrow but her boss also knows the friend who died and knows dd was close to him so I won't worry about her at work.

Thank you for asking, Cocotte.

landschooner said...

Sorry to hear about this Gemma. Just very sad.

Mark 9:24 said...


You and DD#2 have been in my prayers since you told me.


verticaldistance said...

I'm very sorry for everyone involved. Suicide is never the answer :(

Hiswildcherry47 said...

Oh Gemma, so sad to read and the clincher has to be that the person was a friend of your second daughter.
She has my prayer support as do you all whilst you support your darling.