Friday, May 7, 2010

What do you do when you are bored and fidgety?

Generally I sleep pretty well but I have my moments where I wake up and find myself bored and even fidgety. Honestly, I think I inherited this from my dad as he often gets up during the night because he is bored and fidgety. Early this morning around 4am I found myself in such a state. This might sound horrible but during these times when I cannot sleep I look to having sex to cure my boredom. Not that curing boredom is my only reason for having sex but occasionally it is one reason why I reach over to GR and begin waking him up for playtime.

Fortunately for both of us, our sleep habits are very conducive to middle-of-the-night sex as we both do this back and forth to each other. It just gives us another opportunity in our day to enjoy each others' bodies. Daytime, bedtime, middle of the night, early morning... it is all a very good thing! When you wake up bored and fidgety, what do you do?


Shanel said...

when I'm bored and fidgety I talk to my husband and to God about what ever is on my mind... thankfully my hubbie is a very light sleeper.

Hiswildcherry47 said...

Lie thinking, thinking,and getting more excited by the second as I listen to my man snoozing and wishing I could do what you do, Gemma.

BUT he is so freaking busy ,mentally, with his work projects that I simply have to let him stay asleep.

He has been exhausted of late which drives me up the wall as I am quite able and ready to be HWC.

During times like this, I let my fantasies take flight and carry on like a semi-wild thing beside him, as he sleeps. We have had enough magnificently outrageous sex times to fuel my imagination beautifully. I do not let my mind go onto other men because I won't go there so I use my fertile memory bank of my own husband's body to have a party all by myself!

Then, I tell him later what I was up to whilst he slept. He always grins and says he was sorry he missed my show!

landschooner said...

I read a book. : )

I wish I had "another" choice.


verticaldistance said...

Work out :) Keeps the type 2 diabetes far away and my body in top form.

job29man said...

If it's after 3:30 am I just give up and get up for the day, early start. I figure I'll go to bed early that night to catch up on sleep.

If it's before 3:30 I'll do the same thing I sometimes do to fall asleep at night, i.e. I'll start mentally building a tool shed, first dig the footers, then pour 'em, then place the posts, then .... zzzzzzzz. I've never gotten as far as the roof.

But often I'll just lay there and pray for those whom I've promised to pray. Then the alarm sounds at 5 am and I get up.

Ancient Mariner said...

These past two years have been a journey of discovery for my dw and I. When I first started reading this blog, having sex more than once a week was unthinkable. Now missing a day is (almost unthinkable). The idea of waking a spouse for sex in the middle of the night never occurred to us either; nighttime was for sleeping! But with each boundary, when we push, we see that the boundary was only imaginary. I timidly suggested waking her up for sex, and she was all for it. Then she waited...and waited, while I worked up the nerve. Finally, when I got the courage to try one night, she was willing. The next morning, she turned to me, beaming, and said, “what took you so long?” Thus began our nighttime sessions. It works for us on several levels:

First, she likes it that I am so inflamed with passion that I have to take her anytime I feel the urge. Waking up, copulating urgently, then falling back asleep, is very erotic for both of us.

Second, the more I take her, the more loved she feels, and the positive feelings spill over into every aspect of our marriage. Now she can read my thoughts, and I hers, and I honestly cannot remember the last time we had an argument. (And if we start to argue, you can guess how we make up!) If I don’t pay her continual sexual attention, she feels neglected and unloved.

Finally, it is a practical, efficient way to fall back asleep. Ever since giving up the sugary soft drinks, I love water. I drink more than I should just before going to bed, so after I get up at night to use the bathroom, sometimes I just lie awake struggling to get back to sleep. I have found that on those nights, it takes me a long time to fall back asleep, so I wake up tired and dragging. If I have sex with dw, however, I fall asleep almost instantly, and wake up more rested and content the next morning than if I try to be “good” and force myself to sleep.

So that is what I do now. She never turns me down, and we both love it. Thank you, Gemma. Keep those “out of the box” thoughts and ideas coming. I myself have no originality, but I am not too proud to steal other people’s ideas!

Who am I said...

I will often go to in the middle of the night and listen to some awesome worship.

Anonymous said...

If I have an erection in the middle of the night and I am asleep, I've given my wife permission to have sex with me while I am asleep. Unfortunately, she hasn't reciprocated the offer and she has never taken me up on mine.

One time, she did reach over and start fondling me, and that turned into love making.