Monday, May 17, 2010

Time for a history lesson!

Here is a topic which I never write about because, quite frankly, GR and I are not even remotely interested in doing it.

Just today I was reading on a message board from a thread pertaining to anal sex. Someone commented and said that they always wondered if the common use of AS has it's roots in porn. Now before you shout me down with all your comments of "we could say everything is rooted in porn" or "God is the designer of all sex. The porn industry stole it", I am aware of all that. And it could very well be that you hear more about people doing AS today because of better communication via tv, internet, etc.

What I am interested in learning is the history of AS. Does anyone know how far back AS is mentioned or discussed in history? And does anyone know the stats... say... number of couples who did AS in 1950 as opposed to couples who do it today?

Now go do your research and report your findings back to me ;-).


Mark 9:24 said...

Sorry, I don't have any stats.

But I do know it was a popular pastime in Sodom and Gamorah. :)


Anonymous said...

Not sure how much info you are looking for but this seems to be what you are looking for:

Hiswildcherry47 said...

Gemma, you've got me fascinated once again.
Off topic; just finished a book by Brian Alexander : "America Unzipped". Sheesh. Not for the weak-hearted but an incredible foray into the weird side of our cultural stray from the norm.
Will see what I can research on your topic and be back ;-)

job29man said...

I can tell you that homosexual anal sex goes back at least 2,500 years in Greece. In a museum in Athens I was admiring the ancient pottery. Very ornate designs and pictures on them. I saw beautiful drawings of pastoral agricultural scenes and then came upon a large water pot that had very graphic depictions of a man and a boy engaged in anal sex. It was unmistakable and disgusting.

I don't know about the heterosexual anal sex.

job29man said...

I found a few things.

1. Heterosexual anal intercourse is millenia old, in ancient oriental, european, african, and new world cultures.

2. There's debate about it today and in past 50 years. Some surveys indicate that it's not more prevalent per se, but more accepted.

3. Figures from 15-40 percent of people having done it at least once, with about HALF of them ONLY doing it once in their lives. (i.e. BTDTGTTS)

I would surmise that if half only do it once that perhaps another big percentage only do it a couple of times and then give it up. I'd guess that making it part of a heterosexual "lifestyle" is not very common in N. America.

I learned that a HUGE cause of AIDS in Africa is heterosexual anal intercourse. Apparently it is VERY common as a means of birth control. Tissue damage often occurs and blood gets mixed. It is rampant in Africa today.

Ancient Mariner said...

“I learned that a HUGE cause of AIDS in Africa is heterosexual anal intercourse. Apparently it is VERY common as a means of birth control. Tissue damage often occurs and blood gets mixed. It is rampant in Africa today.”

Then you learned wrong. The idea that one would engage in anal sex to avoid pregnancy, in a male-dominated traditional culture which regards children as a sign of masculinity, and considers child-rearing women’s work, is ludicrous. Why, when you have a perfectly-serviceable vagina in front of you, would you choose to bugger a woman up her ass and risk infection or at the very least having your penis covered in feces? Africans are not some strange species from another dimension; they have heard of coitus interruptus. And birth control methods (including condoms) are widely available, despite the strident protestations of the Catholic Church.

Also, consider this: there is a strong cultural bias towards not doing “unclean” things during sex. Urine comes out of a woman “down there,” so many African men would not even consider going down on a woman. Do you really think that a man with such a mindset would opt for anal sex rather than vaginal intercourse?

Finally, anal sex is regarded as a homosexual activity, and the antithesis of manliness is a homosexual (look at the law recently passed in Uganda to get a sense of the attitudes towards homosexuality.) Even if anal sex were to be done with a woman, it would be considered at the very least “unusual.”

HIV has been spread through ignorance and promiscuity, not anal sex.

job29man said...


Well, one of the articles I read was from the Guttmacher Institute

Indicating 10-14% of interviewees in South Africa had had anal sex in the past 3 months. That's not a majority, but I think it's not a stretch to say that if that's the past 90 days, the numbers who sometimes engage in it is higher.

I've spoken with a missionary from Zaire who told me that it is used in cases of menstruation, and birth control in the big city where children are not the same "blessing" as in the countryside.

I also read that it is sometimes preferred for "tightness" and with prostitutes quite a bit.

Kanoa Salazar said...

what's your personal email address... and is it possible to send you questions privately, or do you not do that?

Gemma said...

Kanoa Salazar said: "what's your personal email address... and is it possible to send you questions privately, or do you not do that?"

To whom are you directing your question? Ancient Mariner, job29man, myself or someone else?

If you're asking me, my email address is on my blog:

People email me all the time.

Hiswildcherry47 said...

Also found info on the Ancient Greek side/Ancient Roman. Tantric sex manuals address anal sex as do Ancient Asian cultures.
Much can be found regarding homosexual anal sex. has quite a few works written on safety guidelines, by women-for women. Obviously it's not an uncommon sexual act between many.
As in all situations. If a couple desires to add any sexual newness to their marriage, much research is the key to a good result.
Marriage beds are beautiful in their uniqueness and to be blessed as such.
I was born and raised in colonialized Africa until I left at 17. I wince at the word 'buggery' since we used it as a swear word and of course, to describe homosexuality. Being 'buggered' was a really frightening idea for us young girls.
Societal pressure was strongly against all anal mentions. To say that I have had a huge battle with learning how to see my lady parts as delightful, and to be adored, is an understatement. Not only black Africans were affected by debilitating sexual teachings!
In order to rewire my brain re: wrong teachings of wifely sexual behaviours, I have 'gone there' in many instances compared to what I used to think was inappropriate for a Lady.
Much discussion and communication between husband and wife is necessary during sexual journeys and I hesitate to call anything in the marriage bed disgusting or out of turn.
If both the spouses are in league together, it is after all, their marriage and their sex lives.

Ancient Mariner said...

First, I want to apologize to you, WildCherry. I used the term to emphasize my strong personal preference (and the preference of the many Africans I know) for vaginal intercourse. I should have been more judicious in my choice of words. I did not intend to demean any activity two consenting adults engage in, particularly in their marriage bed. And I agree with you about societal pressures regarding all things anal..which leads me to...

Second, thanks for the Guttmacher article, Job. I think it supports my viewpoint, though. It says “Heterosexual intercourse is believed to account for the majority of HIV infections in South Africa, and although anal intercourse carries a high risk of transmission, its prevalence and contribution to the HIV epidemic are unknown...” and ”...Nonetheless, they believe that although South Africa's HIV epidemic probably cannot be attributed to unprotected anal intercourse, risk reduction interventions should address the role of anal sex in HIV transmission...”

Both are fair statements, but it is a big leap to go from that to your statement, “I learned that a HUGE cause of AIDS in Africa is heterosexual anal intercourse. Apparently it is VERY common as a means of birth control. Tissue damage often occurs and blood gets mixed. It is rampant in Africa today.” because even the authors of the article you cite do not make such a definitive statement. Furthermore, extrapolating from South Africa to the whole of Africa is another stretch. I go to Africa a lot, and I just don’t hear anal sex and AIDS talked about. Don’t get me wrong; I hear a LOT of talk about heterosexual sex, and those Africans (God bless their horny minds) don’t have many inhibitions about discussing these things in public. But I just don’t hear anything about anal sex, or anal sex and AIDS. I am sure it goes on; I just don’t hear it talked about or written about. That, and the deep cultural bias regarding all things anal, leads me to believe that its incidence is about the same as it is in the West, and probably less. The idea that women would subject themselves to anal sex of such brutality that they would regularly get bloodied and infected is also difficult for me. Even if they were prostitutes, I think they would know enough to have condoms, and to insist that their clients were them. Getting AIDS from unprotected vaginal sex seems to me to be the more plausible route.

I would not accept as scientific truth the anecdotal reporting of a missionary. Getting condoms in a big city, with a little drugstore literally on every corner, is not difficult. I have never heard of couples engaging in anal sex just to avoid pregnancy, here or in Africa. This is a novel concept to me.

I too talk to missionaries from time to time. I am reminded of one young woman who came back after a year and gave a slideshow to the members of a local evangelical church. She was effusive about her stay. She said the Africans were very warm and friendly, in spite of being so poor; that they wore bright clothes; and that they excelled at cleaning the houses of the missionaries.

Enough said.

Didn’t mean to start an argument, but I could not let your statements go unexamined. I have found it informative, and I intend to ask my African friends lots of questions. Perhaps now we can get back to the history of anal sex, as the blog owner requested?

Hiswildcherry47 said...

Hi Ancient Mariner,
Absolutely no need for the apologies but I accept them, of course, and loved reading every word you wrote in reply to this series of discussions.
I am truly interested in the findings of others re: the history of anal sex since I am not uncovering anything revelatory.
Thank you, Gemma, for allowing us to digress temporarily. Your blog is invaluable to me because of the quality of the posters you include.
Avidly reading every day.

Kanoa said...

sorry I didn't specify! I was asking for yours, thank you i will email you!!!