Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Oh joy... a new bed!

GR and I have been sleeping on a mattress/box spring set that was about 15 years old and it was a cheapie set when we purchased it. This morning we had a new mattress and box spring delivered so tonight we get to break it in. I cannot wait! Never will I ever again purchase a cheapie bed. Good sleep is vital, considering how much of our time we spend in bed.


WOW!!!! I cannot remember ever having a bed this comfortable. It felt like heaven from the time I got in it until I got out this morning, pain-free. This bed is a "keeper" ;-).

How do you know that you have a skinny stairwell?

It is when the delivery men have to go through an upstairs deck without stairs to get the new mattress and box spring into the bedroom. One of them stood on the ground and had to lift each piece up towards the deck while the other guy pulled it up from the deck.

Before they brought in the new they had to toss out the old so one guy in the bedroom first hands the mattress and then the box spring to the other guy on the deck and then he yells, "Watch out for the dog. We don't want to throw the bed on top of the dog :-)."

Now, the top of our mattress is so high up from the floor that I am going to have to get a small 'step' to ease myself in and out of the bed. I can do it on my own but I have to really hop up to get in and hop down to get out. I feel like Goldielocks with the papa bear's bed, lol.


Hiswildcherry47 said...

Hey Gemma,
How cool. I loved reading about this unique gift to your marriage. A great bed is so wonderful.

Our bed is so very personally ours. We have shared so much loving on it. I have washed countless, unnecessary loads of laundry from our copious copulation coursings ;-)

Our 'courses' have anointed our love mat far more beautifully over the past 2 years. I used to hate any bodily fluids but now I rejoice in them and have to smile as I wash yet another set of bedding from the night before.

The bliss of freedom in our bed is evidenced by the constant scent of our loving in our bedroom. Perfume, shaving cream, incense, frangrant candles and then that underlying scent which only those who embrace their sexuality will recognize.
Way to sexy to handle sometimes when my man is away. The fragrance in our room is enough to take me to an edge pretty fast.

I wish you copious amounts of marriage bed anointing, in your new bed, Gemma and GR. I equally look forward to the insights you receive as you proceed to make your bed your own ;-)

Mark 9:24 said...

Don't break it while you're breaking it in! ;-)

Did you get a good one that won't sqeak? In my experience cheap one squeak.


Eleutheros said...

*Smile* A marriage bed is indeed a truly sacred thing! And a good, sturdy one is even better!

If I can, I'd like to share this poem with you and your readers about our marraige bed. It is included in a small book of erotic poetry I hope to self-publish soon enough:

In Bristol Fashion

“Hi!” you say, with a smile on you’re face,
as wide and inviting as you are pleased
to be my wife.
Standing by our bed in naked grace,
my mind takes you in like the ocean’s breeze
clarifies life.

And climbing aboard our life-time boat,
my soul’s First Mate,
ready to get underway,
you cast the sheets aside like a rope
that separates
our eager craft from the bay.

With desires freed from all moorings,
we pilot her leisurely by degrees,
till the beauty of Sunday morning
splashes sunlight
across the waves
upon the ocean
of our needs.

May you and GR have many, many good expereinces upon The Ocean with your own brand new boat. Christen it well!


job29man said...


What's the brand name and model?

Gemma said...


I'm not exactly sure because on the receipt it only says-

Model Number: SIM SET-FRDU-Q

Probably not much help, I know. But on the box spring tag it says-

Model: PFTBOX-6
SKU: 100020544

And on the mattress tag it says-

Beautyrest Advantage Collection
Dual Comfort Pillowtop