Saturday, April 17, 2010

How does warmer weather enhance intimacy with your spouse?

Do you love Spring/Summer weather? Personally, I am more of a Fall/Winter person because the cooler weather energizes me. So now I am adjusting to the warm seasons.... trying to find good reasons to be thankful for warmer weather.

Let me see (Gemma putting on her thinking cap)---

I can dress lighter (ie, sexier) when we go out.

While in bed we do not have to stay under the covers to be comfortable. I am a little slow and just figured this one out early this morning when we woke to having sex.

We can enjoy more intimate times outdoors on bike rides, picnics, outdoor concerts, walking, hiking, golfing, etc.

Intimate outdoor grilled meals, dining on the screened porch, eating outdoors at lake shore restaurants... all of these things can be enjoyed in warmer weather.

What do you and your spouse intimately enjoy this time of year that you cannot do during the colder seasons?


Michael said...

Nothing like ML on a rainy day. watching DW as she goes around without a bra on.

Summer has to be the great reason for not wearing panties.

bunnyhunch said...

Many of the things you've mentioned are things do during the colder months, too, though they might be a little easier or more enjoyable in warmer months.

There are three big changes for us when the weather warms:
1. We love intimate dinners out on the deck, depending on how bad the bugs are.
3. Since we are both more active in the summer, through exercise &/or recreational activities, we feel more sexy & alive. It doesn't hurt that my work load drops considerably, either, so I'm much less stressed and have more time to focus on US. In turn, we desire even more sex. Hmm... I'm not really sure that's possible anymore, as we're having a LOT of it now. ;-)
3. We love having sex outdoors, or just plain being being naked, daytime or nighttime. Making love on a make-shift bed under the stars and then staying there until morning is wonderful.

landschooner said...

It doesn't.

...But sure seems like it should : )

Anonymous said...

Growing up in cold country, having hypothyroidism, and finally escaping to Florida and then Texas; I LOVE hot weather... Mostly because it makes me horny as all get out, especially when I can hang out nude outside (42 acres, house WAY off the road). My wife grew up in Texas and likes to soak up cool, so that's a problem; I can acclimatize to cool air, but I can't keep an erection. So, it's nice we're getting to weather where I don't have to get up an hour early to turn on a space heater to spike the temperature to my 'magical' 74 degrees (we usually ML in the early AM).

Anonymous said...


I agree I'm way bigger in the heat.

Ancient Mariner said...

That is VERY interesting. I never imagined we could be poikilothermic, especially with regards to such an essential function. The human body continues to amaze me.

When the weather gets hot and muggy (above 80F), I don't even want to breathe too deeply. I just want to jump into a cold swimming pool and stay there until I start shivering. Summer is my least favorite season.

Anonymous said...

Summer brings wear open cup bra's and tight t-shirts. ML in the moon light and listening to the sounds of the night as DH enjoys me.

Hiswildcherry47 said...

Dang Ancient Mariner, you sent me scuttling for a wikiped. ref. with that awesome word.
Gives a new take on Katy Perry's song about being hot and then cold!

Regarding Anon. and his insight into size and heat, my wildness will remember this tip ;-)

Our porch = fans for coolth, sundowners, micro pieces of cloth!, HIGH heels, majicFM...dynamite happens. HWC grin.