Thursday, April 1, 2010

Please, pull your pants up!

OK, I am no prude but there are some things that I just do not want or need to see when I am driving through town. Today, while running errands I happened to drive past a group of 20-something year old guys, who appeared to be visiting and messing around on the front lawn. Then I saw it!!!

One guy had the waistband of his jeans hanging totally below his butt cheeks. Honest, I could see his underwear from the waistband down to his thighs. (How do they keep those jeans from falling down to their ankles?)If that was not bad enough as I was driving past the house another one of the guys was pulling his pants up, zippering them and buckling his belt. Did he just have his pants off or maybe he had them down to his knees?

What is wrong with these people? Why can't they keep their pants pulled up? Do they think it looks cool, that they are impressing the girls are something? Let's not forget to mention all the times we have driven through these neighborhoods and seen young guys walking with their hands down INSIDE the front of their pants. I just do not get it. Can someone explain to me what this is all about?


verticaldistance said...

It's part of the stupid urban/rap/prison culture. In a male prison, if a convict is open to gay encounters with other inmates, they wear their pants in the way that you described. Outside of prison, when you see males wear their pants this way, are mimicking what they see on rap videos. Either way, they think it makes them look cool, thuggish, hard, and so on....

It's idiotic, clownish, disgusting, and, IMO, indecent exposure. Several cities have attempted to make it against the law.

I just want to put a bullet in their heads to clean the gene pool.

DaMattafan said...

They're just lookin like a fool with their pants on the ground

sorry couldn't resist

Leah said...

But for a stiff breeze, we'd find out more about them then they want us to know.

Frankly, they walk like, um, toddlers who haven't quite mastered potty training.

Gemma said...

Leah said: "Frankly, they walk like, um, toddlers who haven't quite mastered potty training."

My thoughts, exactly! And then there's that other whole issue of them walking down the street with their hands inside the front of their pants... like they're masturbating in public. Grrrr.... I mean, what else can we assume?

Gemma said...

verticaldistance said:
"I just want to put a bullet in their heads to clean the gene pool."

Excuse me? Some of my very closest family members are of color and so are some of my friends. I have nothing at all against those who are African American. My only gripe is against those who flash their underwear in my face. Truly, they do not represent their entire race. I'd be equally offended if a white person, a red person or a purple person flashed their underwear in my face.

That's like saying that because I'm Italian and may have relatives who are in organized crime, that makes me a bad person. My dh is half German. I suppose he's responsible for the Holocaust? I hope you didn't mean what I think you mean.

Hiswildcherry47 said...

Hat respectfully doffed.
Thank you.

verticaldistance said...

Er? Stupidity comes in all colors! I'm Black myself, and I have no problem telling off other Blacks when they are doing something stupid. Baggy pants = stupid, regardless of color. I will admit, it pains me extra to see other Blacks do this. It feeds negative stereotypes.

Would I actually shoot someone for letting their pants intentionally sag? No. Jail/prison time is not one of my life goals. However, IMO, those who wear their clothes in such a matter does cause me to wonder about their IQ.

Gemma said...

Thank you for clarifying and I'm glad we agree, that stupidity knows no color boundaries. My apologies for jumping to conclusions.