Sunday, April 11, 2010

Have you ever ridden a quadcycle?

This weekend GR and I finally had opportunity to get away for a night. It was our first real break since prior to our surgery era. He had a quick job to do in Chicago early Saturday morning so I went along and we made an over-nighter out of it. We really needed that little bit of time alone- over six hours on the road, a private hotel night and then all day Saturday to play.

Yesterday, in the late morning and early afternoon we hung out at Navy Pier as the weather was gorgeous for outdoor fun. Because I am still recuperating I cannot ride a bike until the middle of May (ie, no pedaling, no golf, no weight lifting, etc.) but we wanted to take a bike ride along Lake Michigan so we rented one of these cuties . You have to scroll down to see this cool bike, the "small quadcycle" made.... where else? In Italy, of course!

The small quadcycle seats two and is designed for two to pedal. We worked around my recuping by having GR do all the pedaling while I just sat there like "the queen" enjoying the ride. (I almost started waving to everyone... but I didn't.) What I find cool about this bike is that the two people riding it sit side by side so it is very conversation-friendly while pedaling. So for an hour, GR pedaled, we talked and we enjoyed enjoyed the lake shore. I heart the quadcycle.

Before you all tell me how lazy I am, I want to go on record to say that yesterday I walked 7980 steps, which roughly translates to just a hair under four miles, so there! Here is to more gorgeous spring and summer days ahead!

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