Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Forgiveness at its best! (Ready for a good laugh?)

A new song about forgiveness!


Gemma said...

Are we taking life and Christianity too seriously? I can't believe that none of you found this to be a humorous song!

Ancient Mariner said...

No, Gemma, we are not. I for one, found this song (obviously written by a "still maturing" Christian), funny but ironic.

Last summer, while towing a heavy load, I lost my brakes on a downhill stretch of highway. Luckily, I survived :-)

mr. self respect said...

A very wise person once said that we only laugh at things that deep-down believe in. Many people believe (or at least empathize) with what the singer in this song is saying. They may have actually prayed for something bad to happen to someone else. Of course, this is inherently Christian.

But these same people probably wish they didn't empathize this tune. And this is why they aren't admitting that they laughed. I am sure that most people who read this blog, and listened to that song, were Christian.

People don't like to admit that they laughed at a joke about themselves.

Hiswildcherry47 said...

Hey hey Gemma,
Now just when I decided not to post this week, you go and do this to me. Freaking funny.

Humble apologies to all who may become off-ended but I admit to being a bada$$ and laughing all the way through!

Intercessory prayer has been a crucial and awesome part of my Christian walk since I first gave my life to Jesus Christ. I have heard the most amazingly dumb things being labeled as 'prayer' in the past 27 years.

Besides that pride-filled statement!, I simply have an unholy and whacked out sense of humor.

Truly, when someone says they will pray for you, take a breath, high tail it to the woods and thank God that He over-rides most of what many silly fools pray about, myself included.

Thanks for the humbling, Gemma. I will go get my sackcloth out of the closet, burn a few matches for ashes and repent of my giggles.....NNNOOOTT.

Gemma said...

I'm right there with you, WC. For years I was in legalistic churches where everything had to be so serious. We couldn't joke about anything like this song.

I just thought this was a funny song, yes, freaking funny. No need for sackcloth and ashes ;-). The song was meant to be a joke, I'm quite sure.