Tuesday, March 2, 2010

UPDATE on GR's surgery

We met with GR’s surgeon today. Dr. D said the biopsy from the colonoscopy was negative for cancer, however, they will still be operating just to be sure. I am still learning about all this but I will try and explain. There is a polyp at the cecum which will be removed along with the entire portion of the colon on GR’s right side… I believe that portion is called the ascending colon. That is what doc will be removing, the ascending colon. Within a few days after the surgery he will be able to tell us for sure one way or the other if it is cancer and if it is, he says there is a 5% chance that chemo will be needed. So far prognosis looks good. We are keeping our fingers and toes crossed.

Doc asked how soon we wanted to schedule GR’s surgery. We knew doc only did surgeries on Mondays and Fridays so we asked in unison, “Can you do it Friday?” We are anxious to get all this behind us. He laughed and told us that one of his Friday surgeries was canceled so he does have an opening that day. So it is on the calendar— GR goes under the knife AGAIN on Friday at 11:20. He will be in the hospital a minimum of 3 days followed by at least 1 or 2 weeks of recuperation before heading back to work. It looks like both our bodies will look like road maps when all these surgeries are done.

I am still waiting for hospital clearance for my surgery. They checked again today, still nothing. The surgery scheduler told me that we may be waiting up to 4 days before my surgery before finding out when it will be. We are shooting for March 15.


Thesauros said...

I don't know if this will be of any help but, I had my whole colon removed almost twenty years ago for pre cancerous cell changes. Things are fine and life goes on almost as normal. Good luck.

mr. self respect said...

Gemma, you have helped me, counseled me, aided me, and prayed for me. You will be in my prayers, as you go through this difficult time.

Hiswildcherry47 said...

Wonderful to read of GR's news.
I totally echo mr. self respect on that comment.
Been praying for both of you, Gemma, and will continue to do so until you begin to sound airy and light again.

Mark 9:24 said...


You and GR are both in my prayers.