Friday, March 5, 2010

Post-op update

Just got home about an hour ago with 19yo. Oldest dd's at the hospital with her dad for the night. She’s a night owl and she can sleep anywhere so this schedule works for both of us. Surgery went very well. Doc said there wasn’t any obvious spreading of anything looking cancerous but we’ll have to wait about a week from now to get all the lab results so that’s all I know at this point. He said everything looked good except GR's appendix was enlarged and he wasn’t sure why but he took it out.

GR was mostly sleeping when I left the hospital this evening as he was still very groggy and not making a whole lot of sense. I told him, "I could ask you for a pair of diamond earrings and you'd probably tell me "OK" and not even know it." He mumbled, "You think?" (ie, NOT!! :lol: ) Tomorrow they want him walking the halls. Doc hopes to see him able to come home by Monday. He’ll be home recuperating for 1-2 weeks before going back to work. Knowing GR, he'll try and push to come home Sunday instead. We'll see how he's doing. It will be a joint decision to decide when he gets discharged.

Tomorrow morning I go back to the hospital for the day while 23yo rests at home. Hospital lunch... blech!


Hiswildcherry47 said...

Happy Saturday afternoon to you, Gemma,
Just finished making a fabulous Greek lunch for my beautiful 6th child's birthday...she is FFFUUULLL.
After reading of your dread of hospital food, I felt bad for you!
Thank you for the update..take care of yourself during this stressful time.

bunnyhunch said...

I'm sure you feel very fortunate to be able to spend this time with GR as he recuperates. Many of us would be trying to juggle work and time spent home. So glad you can be there for him.