Thursday, March 18, 2010

Post-op updates

My surgery went well and the 4 hour surgery time was right on the money. The good news-- No dry heaves whatsoever. Monday evening after surgery I tried half of a serving of beef broth when I felt what seemed to be the onset of very mild, very brief nausea so I stopped sipping on the broth and the nausea left. That was a huge relief for me. Of course, even before surgery they put an anti-nausea patch on me plus fed me several different anti-nausea medications.

Yesterday afternoon I must have put on a good front because all the medical staff agreed that I was ready to go home so I was discharged. And really, by then there was precious little that they could offer me that I could not do at home.

So here I am at home, dealing with the post-op pain and discomfort. Last night I tried to sleep in bed but that only lasted about 1-2 hours. Sitting up or moving at all from a horizontal position still hurts way too much. Instead I chose to sleep in the living room on our recliner sofa. GR decided to join me. No, we have not had sex since my surgery and quite frankly, I am even surprised that the doctors allowed me to leave so soon after surgery. Originally they were talking about sending me home sometime between Thursday and Saturday.

I hurt from hip to hip and everywhere in between and I am still taking pain meds but each day the pain seems to be decreasing. GR tells me that for all of the incisions, the doctors glued me back together again. For at least 6 weeks I will need to wear a binder. I have not looked yet but sometime today I will ask GR to take the binder off so I can see exactly how I look. Oh, and it seems that I have been slightly swollen with water weight since surgery and I am not sure why. Hopefully the swelling will go down quickly.

This afternoon, GR went for his post-op appointment. The doc said that he did have two cancerous growths. One was located in the appendix and the other was in the cecum. Both were contained within the colon and had not grown outside the walls. He said there was better than 90% chance that the cancer would not reoccur. He felt that chemo would not be needed and thought the cancer should be classified as a stage 1. No cancer was found in any lymph nodes. The pathologist thought the cancer should be classified as stage 2 as she is considering the appendix and cecum as 2 separate organs. If the cancer is classified as stage 2 then chemo would be recommended. There will be a review board on Friday, tomorrow, where the doc and the pathologist will present their cases. The board will consist of surgeons, pathologists, oncologists and cancer specialists. After the review board we will know more.


g00dsp0rt said...

ginger tea made from candied ginger is great for a lot of ills even being used i kemo treatment now for nausea wish you well praying for you

mr. self respect said...

Gemma, you and your husband will be in our prayers.

MGKG1980 said...

Gemma, you and GR are in our prayers.

Who am I said...

Thankful you are both home.

Hope you can get back your regular level of passion soon.

Anonymous said...

Praying for an uncomplicated healing for both of you.


Mark 9:24 said...

Thank you for the update and my prayers are with you both.