Friday, March 12, 2010

More surgery- my turn

Wednesday I was notified by the surgery scheduler that my surgery is on for next Monday, March 15 at 12:50pm. Apparently the hospital has found an available operating room. One of my surgeons will be the same one who operated both times on GR. My surgery is expected to take about 4 hours. One surgeon will begin with plastic surgery to fix things from my weight loss. Then the other surgeon will jump in to repair the two hernias. Finally in the end, the first surgeon will go back in to finish everything up. They tell me to expect to be in the hospital at least until Thursday or Friday, if not until Saturday.

GR is still recuperating and doing well from his surgery. He insisted on having sex the first night back home so I carefully kept very still so as not to hurt him while he used me as a "sex toy" ;-). It was fun for both of us. Then a couple of days later we had sex again. This time I moved a little too much and felt him quickly pull back... OUCH! "Do you want to stop?," I asked him. "No, I am just a little sore still and will need to be careful." So on we went to finish what we started!

Next Thursday GR sees his surgeon for his post-op appointment and, at that time if not sooner, he will also get results of his surgery to find out if there was cancer or not. Please think good thoughts for us all… keep your fingers and toes crossed.


job29man said...

I'll be thinking and praying for you next week Gemma. Won't look to hear from you soon on the internet. Good recovery to you both!

Your story about GR... funny! You two are a riot; can't stay away from each other can you?

Hiswildcherry47 said...

Wow, Gemma, I had wondered if you were going in for reconstructive surgery, after weight loss. How wonderful that you have lost that much size. Way to go.

Will keep praying and was doing so whilst cleaning my kitchen, a while ago...never ending job with teens learning how to cook. Eep. They do make great cookies but I need lots of cookies like another hole in my head. Now to get them to make REAL food!

Can't wait for all of you to be on the mend, finally.

mr. self respect said...

You will be in our prayers on Friday, and all this week, Gemma.

Mark 9:24 said...

Yous and GR's ability to still have a passionate marriage bed throughout all this astounds me.

My prayers are for a speedy recovery for GR and for your successful surgery next week.