Friday, February 26, 2010

Cancer diagnosis- Is there a doctor in the house?

Today I have a heavy heart. A month ago when GR had labs done with his surgery we discovered that he was slightly anemic. Our FP ordered a colonoscopy which was done yesterday. This is his second one, having had one a few years ago. The results-- GR has a small tumor at the very end of his colon, on the bottom of his right side. Doc says and I quote: "looks like an early cancer which will require surgical removal". GR is seeing the surgeon Tuesday... same surgeon who did his hernia repair a month ago.... same surgeon who will be doing my hernia repair within the month. He is an excellent doctor. The plan now is to operate on GR AGAIN asap. If the cancer is still local, that will be the end of that. If not, some chemo will be required after surgery.

GR regularly donates blood. The colon doc said-- it is likely that giving blood tipped things in our favor to make the anemia more noticeable, thus easier to see the red flag. Thank God for small favors. BTW- GR's mom developed colon cancer in her 80's so we already knew it was in the genes. Now I am trying to get my surgery on the calendar within the next month while GR needs surgery as well. We have to stagger them. Both of us cannot be having surgery simultaneously. We have to take care of each other during each of our surgeries as well as taking care of our kids in the midst of all this. Obviously, GR's surgery takes priority since it is the most life-threatening.

The colon doc seemed optimistic but I am assuming that that is his job.... to report the findings in the most optimistic way possible. We need to learn all we can about the state of GR's health. Can anyone lend some advice? I prefer to know the worse case scenario and then the probable outcome which I am sure is better, just so I can realistically deal with this and so we can keep our kids informed along the way. I am sure the surgeon will completely fill us in on Tuesday so I am just searching for answers until then.

Folks, I cannot end this without saying two things here.

1) Do not avoid checkups and doc appointments when you think or know that something is not right. GR waited 2 months before telling me he knew he had a hernia. We could have been doing all this 2 months ago. And yes, I confess that after we got home yesterday I fussed at him a bit before I told him, "I love you." I made him promise--- No more secrets about health issues. When we even suspect that something is not right, we need to bring it up immediately.

2) This is exactly why you always hear me say, "In your marriage bed and in your marriage in general, each day treat your spouse as if it will be your last day together because we are not promised our tomorrows."

As always prayers are appreciated, my friends. Thank you all!


bunnyhunch said...

Gemma, I cannot offer any advice since we've had no experience with this, but I can offer our prayers. It is a scary thing to go through. Take care.

Hiswildcherry47 said...

Hey Warrior Woman,
I feel your worry and sadness.
You've got prayer support from me.

Look forward, Gemma.
No more of the 'could be your last moments together' crud from you. Enough already!

We serve a powerful God and He is more than able to heal this horrible mess in your lives. We have not come this far to quit, now. Get your "fighter's head" on, lady.

I don't care if it is tradional healing via medical intervention or a blitz in the night! Whatever it takes, our God can get the job done.

From this moment, I choose to see GR totally restored and chasing entirely healthy Gemma around your bed, with great gusto.

Your personal assignment, Gemma, is to fully align your thinking processes with those or our medically awesome Lord and Saviour. He is wanting only good for both of you. Grab that truth for yourself.
Catch a cyber hug!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you have a lot to deal with! You seem to be handling it gracefully... I'll keep you both in my thoughts.

ivan said...

Wow Gemma and GR! I'm sorry to hear this. I'm glad it got caught when it did. My wife spent 8+ years as an oncology nurse. Good Dr's and your community are really important.
I also have a good friend who had his colon removed about 2 years ago. Also because the Dr found some cancer. His Dr rebuild a new color from his small intestine. His life is much better now after the surgery.
It's all about faith in God and trusting the good Drs that he has provided.
Most likely you are no where near the end. More likely is that you will have strengthened faith, marriage and joy. And a great new story to brag about God and his provision. :-)

Anonymous said...

We will certainly be praying for both of you. I will share that my mom just had a bout with colon cancer and they removed it. Less than a year later they found that it had metastasized to her liver. They offered her chemo every 2 weeks for the rest of her life (maybe 2 years) but she declined and now has a few months to live. You asked for worst case, so I am sharing openly with you.

My dh had Hodgekins lymphoma many years ago and we were terrified of the chemo and were so thankful when they opted for radiation only. The radiation was a tough row to hoe but sadly 2 years later he had another tumor and this time we had chemo. The chemo was not nearly as bad as the radiation. He has been cancer free for over 10 years now.

All that to say that a round of radiation or chemo after surgery to make sure there are no cells that have wandered is a small insurance policy that may reap HUGE rewards later.

Do your research and don't hesitate to get a second opinion. May God give you wisdom and peace.

Mark 9:24 said...


GR is in our prayers!!


Bev said...

I know that you believe in the sovereignty of God. So... Maybe if GR had told you right away they wouldn't have caught the cancer. Happened to my mom. She had to have a procedure (I don't remember what it was for) and if she had it taken care of the 3 months eariler when it first started bothering her they never would have found the cancer. I'm not saying it right that he didn't tell you. But I believe that God works for the good for those who love him.