Thursday, January 14, 2010

Oh, how weird!

GR was out of town last night on business. I always sleep nude when he is home but when he is away on business I wear a nightgown because.... I get cold without him being there in the bed with me. I woke up this morning to find my nightgown on the floor and don't even remember taking it off. Perhaps I had a dream but if I did, I sure do not remember it. Weird....

Ever find yourself in weird situations?


Hiswildcherry46 said...

Gemma, that is too funny...could you have picked up on my suggestion about preparation for his return tonight? HWC chortle.

Other than that, maybe you got hotter than you usually do. My mind boggles with the implications and I salute you woman to woman!

Enjoy your darling on his return.

There is something basic within me that rises to the challenge of being the woman at home waiting for her man to return and being available for him to 'master' when he gets through our family hellos and such.

Walking into our own room is ALWAYS laced with a delicious tension. I am rarely disappointed nowadays. Maybe because I let him know, openly, that I long for him with every fiber of my being. Makes coming home uniquely special for him and sssssoooo exciting for 'she who waits' :}

Odo said...

Gemma, I can hear the late Rod Serling years ago saying, "perhaps, she entered "The Twilight Zone". Scary TV show. Seriously, my DW often wears socks to bed in the winter, as do I, and she often wakes up finding them on the floor and doesn't remember taking them off. Being sleep groggy at 2 am may have something to do with it! Still, 'tis an interesting mystery you have there.


job29man said...

Must'a been some dream! Were the bedsheets all tossed as well? LOL!