Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ice Bag Bust

You know what is really stupid? Those hospital issued ice bags! When they send you home with an ice bag and tell you to use it every couple of hours, do not use it in bed while you are trying to sleep.

This morning I woke up around 3am to hear GR moaning and when I ask what is wrong, in a dismayed tone he says, "The fastener came off the ice bag." Soon as the words came out of his mouth I feel something cold coming at me on the bed. He is slowing getting up to grab his bath towel to soak up some of the water, I jump up and turn on the lamp to see this nice little lake of mostly ice water with a few tiny ice cubes in the mix. Of course when this happened most of the ice had already melted. Grrrrr..... What idiot designed these fasteners? I mean, it took two of us about ten minutes just to figure out how to open and close it. Then GR needs it in bed and the darn thing pops open.

He decided to go downstairs and rest in the recliner. I went down with him and stayed for about an hour, making sure he had what he needed--- food, water, house phone, cell phone, meds, etc. After that I was still pooped from yesterday so I went back upstairs to see if my side of the bed had been salvaged from the flood. Indeed, it had been so I was able to crawl back under the covers on my side and I got some more sleep. What is it about sitting around hospitals that takes so much out of a person?

Woke up around 10am this morning to daughters baking muffins and bacon in the oven, coffee already brewed, GR enjoying his favorite- the military channel. He has not wanted/needed pain meds yet today. I gave him a better ice bag-- gallon Ziplock freezer bag. Works like a charm. All is well...


Who am I said...

Thanks for sharing so openly. Even though I have read your blog alot, and quite a few of your posts on TMB, I have gotten to know you even better with this post.

Vibes And Dongs, Sex Toys said...

Try reusable ice bricks or cubes. They are made of plastic with a freezable liquid permanently sealed inside. Ours is 7" x 7" x 2" and called Blue Ice. Wrap in a towell and you're good to go with no leaks.
Find them in the Kitchwares or Sporting Goods departments.