Tuesday, January 26, 2010

GR is broken!

Not a terrible need here but GR is broken. He is having outpatient hernia repair done on Friday afternoon. Please think good thoughts for us that day.

And yes, I am waiting for insurance approval for major surgery to repair my 2 hernias and to finish things up after all my weight loss. My surgery will be done by the same hernia specialist who is doing GR's surgery plus I will have a plastic surgeon doing some work on me at the same time. (I am getting a "two-for".)

Our girls have been asking us, "Are you sure hernias are not contagious?"

Edited to add:

Surprise, surprise! Not one hernia but two! All repairs successful. GR resting comfortably after the girls and I had to practically twist his arm to get him to take a Vicodin after we got home.


Odo said...

Gemma, sounds like you and GR are getting some chassis maintenance and upgrades. Should tighten up and improve your...um, high speed handling in the corners, and better...acceleration...well, you catch my drift. Happy...um...motoring!

Mr.Mizer said...

Had that done a couple of years ago so I can sympathize. Take it easy for a couple of weeks and all should be well. We will keep you all in our prayers.

Ancient Mariner said...

"..GR's broken.."
Tsk, tsk, Gemma. Weren't you listening when your parents told you to be careful with your toys? :-)

Joking aside, I am impressed that they can do outpatient hernia repair. I looked at some pictures on the internet, and a hernia looks quite serious.

Here's wishing you both all the best, and a speedy recovery for GR.

Hiswildcherry47 said...

Hey Gemma,
Will certainly remember both of you. Sounds 'huge' to me. Then again, I freak when my little ones get a cold! Emo-mom :-)

I'll be believing for wisdom and guidance whilst under the care of your doctors and nurses.

Odo and Ancient Mariner gave me a hearty chuckle. Thx!