Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year Resolutions

This time of the year people often talk about New Year resolutions. In a way it is sort of like praying except resolutions are only made at the beginning of the new year. Typically New Year resolutions are things that we either need to be doing or things that we need to cease doing to make ourselves a better person. For it to be effective we have to be truly honest when choosing a resolution which requires our attention. When you think about it, prayer should also be this way but often times folks only pray about what they feel like changing in their life rather than what they should change or they pray, "God change ------ (so and so)."

Following a quick search, I found a few articles on this topic so I have posted them below. Have you ever had New Year resolutions pertaining to your marriage bed? If so, what have they been? Did you and your spouse stick to them? Why or why not?

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How To Keep New Year’s Resolutions For A Better Marriage

New Years Love Resolutions For Happy Relationships

A New Year's Resolution For A Better Marriage

On New Year's Day we could all start with a fresh, clean slate and resolve to have the most passionate marriage bed ever. Try keeping a copy of your marriage bed resolutions in a prominent spot in the bedroom where it can always be seen and then read it together once or twice a month to help you and your spouse stay true to your goals. You could place it in a clear page protector and fasten it to the bedroom door like hotel room fire escape routes ;-). You can call it the "Unhealthy Marriage Bed Escape Route".

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Anonymous said...

Amen. DW knows 2010 will be a demanding year in the bed room ;)