Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Boots, boots! The more you have, the more you want!

I had to edit the article I wrote about my boots. Now I have six pairs. I wanted a pair of short black boots which would be more casual and comfortable than my black ankle boots with the silver buttons but would be a little nicer and not so warm for indoor use than my UGG's. Last week I got a pair of short black biker boots. They fit the bill perfectly. I think I am hopelessly addicted to boots but..... GR also loves when I wear them.


From my original article on "boots"---

Do I have a boot fetish or something going on or is this normal? I had one pair of boots purchased a couple of years ago but since this past August I have purchased five more pairs. Now keep in mind, we live in a climate where boots are well used three seasons of the year. Please tell me that I am not a sicko with a boot fetish, please??? (I am not taking food off the table from my family, honest.)

In August I bought a pair of black ankle boots trimmed with silver buttons.

Then from the end of September until now in a little over a month's time, I purchased:

A pair of knee high black boots. My black knee highs have been discontinued so this is not an actual photo of my boots. Mine have the two buckles but they are black with lower heels.

A pair of dark brown, ankle length, western boots

And a pair of red, mid-calf height, western boots . (Ooh... these red beauties just arrived in shipping. They are more hot IRL than they are online!)

I have had my snow boots, my black, Ultimate Short UGG’s, for a couple of years now.


Hiswildcherry46 said...

Ok now I am really cracking up, Gemma. Six freakin' pairs of boots. Hilarious.
So wotz a woman to do with so many bootz...wear 'em, right.
to the store,
to the laundry room,
to the kitchen,
in the bathroom,
hhhhmmmm, to bed with a gorgeous thong.
Yes, I'll quit. Way too much for the imagination to stop at merely wearing them now and again.
Still giggling. Ciao.

Charis said...

Lols! Well, whatever makes you happy, Gemma! =D

Can you blog more on your weight loss at some point? I need to lose about 60lbs and I am so discouraged. How did you do it?

Gemma said...

Yeah, six freaking pairs! I know, I should be ashamed but..... I'm not. And yes, I wear them everywhere. The nice thing about having six pairs rather than one--- I have choices to match whichever clothing style I happen to be wearing each day so just as we have variety in our clothing, I also have variety with my boots.

Gemma said...

Charis, I did detail my weight loss on TMB forum. Are you a member there? Have you seen it? It's in the forum entitled: "Other Non-sexual Marriage Issues".

so blessed said...

Gemma wrote, "Last week I got a pair of short black biker boots."

So when are you getting the Harley to go with those boots!!

Merry Christmas, Gemma!

Anonymous said...

Just wear the boots and nothing else ;)

Hiswildcherry46 said...

Hey Gemma and all,
Merry Christmas.

Thanks for some amazingly insightfilled reading these past few months.

What have been notable improvements in my marriage this passing year?

What would my husband and I love to do more of in the coming new year?

I will be thinking much ( and talking to my darling husband ) on these two questions during the week between Christmas and New Year.

Thanx again for the forum base herein, Gemma. I am thanking God for His richest blessings upon all of us on this site, for 2010.

bunnyhunch said...

Gemma, I have had fun checking out every single pair of boots you purchased (thanks for the links!). Fun, fun fun! I find myself trying to imagine the outfits you'll wear with them.

I miss having a pair. They feel soooo sexy. No new ones this year, though. Next fall for sure.