Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What does Thanksgiving Day have to do with private bathrooms?

If I do not get back here before the weekend you guys all have a good holiday. GR, the kids and I are spending Thanksgiving Day out of town visiting relatives only we will be staying at a hotel for the two nights there, in two separate rooms- one for the kids and the other for *my husband and me*. Am I excited? You bet! Here at home all four of us share the hall bathroom so when we do a hotel stay it is like luxury for GR and me to be able to enjoy our own private bathroom. Ahhh, the simple things in life!

Today, I will be busy packing toys and things ;-). We leave in the morning. Have a happy Thanksgiving!


Hiswildcherry46 said...

Gemma, you made me laugh as I read about you packing toys once I had figured out that your kids are older THEREFORE...my brain does fire on all cylinders, sometimes!

HWC MUSING : Clean fluffy towels, sumptiously fragranced bubbles, usually ok lighting to show bodies wonderfully, invitation for two in the water, steam on the mirror from more than the hot water...oh yeah.

I will be offering thanksgiving to my Lord Jesus Christ in spirit, soul, and body [ ;-) ] for what I have in my marriage.

Happy Thanksgiving Gemma, and to all who post here. Y'all have added something special to my life.

job29man said...


A very blessed and Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, and to all the people on PWM!

Bathrooms? I envy you. Our septic just went out, so we now have a portapotty out on the porch and we and all our guests get to use that for Thanksgiving! (LOL!!)

Fortunately our friends are gone for Thanksgiving and have invited us to use their showers and laundry facilities while they are gone. Praise the Lord for that!

Your girls will probably be happy to have a good thick hotel wall between you now so they don't have to turn on the stereo to drown you out! Ha Ha!