Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What do you do to cultivate sexual thoughts?

Do you take time in your day to think sexual thoughts about your spouse? Some of us automatically thing about these things but for those who do not, do you make a conscience effort to direct your thoughts in that direction? This really goes a long way in preparing your mind to anticipate the next sexual reunion.

A funny thing— Sometimes GR will... do things to me in bed in the mornings and then he will tell me, “I am doing this because I want you to remember me today.” Well, I ALWAYS remember him but he likes to leave me with sexual memories to ponder throughout my day.

Do you do anything throughout your day to cultivate sexual thoughts and if so, what is it that you do?


Hiswildcherry46 said...

We text in code during the day, especially when I am out running errands or he is at the gym. Somehow, even tho' we still do Mom and Dad stuff once home, there is a residual effect of having shared our private text flirts which helps us move together at bedtime.

I read romance novels and put my lust towards my own man as I stoke my desire. We have had so many amazingly erotic times together this past year, that I can relate with the sensuality I read about and play out those fantasies with my man in bed at a later time.

We touch as much as we can, a trick with little ones EVERYWHERE plus knowing teens.

Some days are dry for the two of us as we get bogged down with work and drudgery. Sometimes I end up crying with frustration as I weather the stress related lack of attention from my husband. At times like this [ like this past weekend and week ;-( ] I am learning to discipline my mind into recalling the love we have, and do, share.

My wildcherry melt downs are becoming less severe as I season into a well loved woman.

Although I still long to be utterly ravished by my husband, I nurture a tiny spark of hope that as I continue to love and sexually desire him, one day he will ignite and we will truly fuse our desire for each other. I cannot believe I am to stay the horny one whilst he deals with job related stress and physical wanning of sexual desire.

To help myself, I pleasure myself and fantasize about him doing me as I would love him to. Somewhere deep inside me, I believe that God is helping me as I deal with my intense desire to be mindlessly f..k.d by my man.

Yes, I do pray earnestly and I do know God is in our marriage. It is still painful and hard to deal with. I hate job stress and I hate age!!!

Ancient Mariner said...

Yes! I did not realize other couples did this too.

Each morning before I leave for work, while she is still in bed sleeping, I spread her legs and finger-fuck her for a few seconds. It works for us on many levels:

1. It reinforces to us that she is my bitch, to be taken and used whenever and wherever I please.
2. She loves to be penetrated, preferably by a rigid penis, but fingers are a close second. Being penetrated while she is drifting between sleeping and waking adds to the eroticism.
3. I love the smell of her vulva: it is strong and sexual, and very arousing. As I drive to work, I am constantly bringing my fingers to my nose, so that I can recall the moist treasure she keeps between her legs for me.

This definitely keeps the sexual tension going between us, and on the days I am too rushed to do it, we both miss it. I almost forgot to mention:

4. In our relationship, it emphasizes that I am the dom, and she the sub. These are roles we have grown into and both come to enjoy since our awakening.

P.S. The verification word was “dic(ic)k” (my parenthesis around the repeated “ic.” Someone must be trying to tell me something...

job29man said...

Sexual thoughts come naturally to me throughout the day. They must be carefully initiated and cultivated by DW Sarah... like "Job is coming home from work soon... must think sex... must think sex... must think sex..."

She would continue working tirelessly on the tasks of family life up until the second before bedtime if I let her. Then she would come to bed too wired to think sex.

So now I make her stop working at 7:30 pm and start relaxing by 8, then I ask her to start thinking romantic things by 8:30 so we can go to bed at 9 and enjoy each other.

This plan seldom actually comes off this way, but it's a start.

I've told her that i can't wait for all the kids to be out on their own till she actually starts to think about sex on her own. Shoot... I'll be into my 60s by then, and I don't want to wait that long. Neither should she wait that long.

I'm not complaining here, just telling you the realities. We are working on it together.

Who am I said...

I have my own private blog that I will often write sexual fantasys on about my wife and I.

Stud said...

Browse the web for new ideas. (I try to use alot of discretion)