Friday, November 6, 2009

Is something wrong with me?

Do I have a boot fetish or something going on or is this normal? Just last night I was sharing with GR how buying boots has been giving me a degree of satisfaction. Since the end of September I have spent money on three new pairs of boots. Yes, you read right--- THREE PAIRS!!! Now keep in mind, we live in a climate where boots are well used three seasons out of the year. And then I recently lost a huge amount of weight so I am naturally more fashion conscience than I have been in years.

In August I bought a pair of black ankle boots.

Then from the end of September until now in a little over a month's time, I purchased:

A pair of knee high black boots

A pair of dark brown, ankle length, western boots

And a pair of red, mid-calf height, western boots . (Ooh... these red beauties just arrived in shipping. They are more hot IRL than they are online!)

I have had my snow boots, my black, Ultimate Short UGG’s, for a couple of years now.

Suddenly I am realizing that I have five pairs of boots--- YIKES!!! How did that happen? I do love all my boots and so does GR but please tell me that I am not a sicko with a boot fetish, please???


Now I have six pairs of boots. I wanted a pair of short black boots which would be more casual and comfortable than my black ankle boots with the silver buttons but would be a little nicer and not so warm for indoor use than my UGG's. Last week I got a pair of short black biker boots. They fit the bill perfectly.


Hiswildcherry46 said...

Hey Gemma,
I LOVE the first pair and the last pair is so totally, well you know, totally!

Even my teen oohed over them as she walked past. (No, my kids don't read when I blog but I showed her your boot selections and we both loved them all.)

No, you don't have a boot fetish; they are simply wonderful to wear. Boots make my feet feel more secure as I roar around every day, doing what I do...

Funny enough, I have also been eyeing out several pairs. My problem is that I feel a whole crap load younger than I am and have to be careful with what I wear. I hate age!

Finally saw the ones I want in a store catalog. Will go and try them on and voila, one more fun pair of shoes in my closet.

Lisa said...

I'm not a boot person, Gemma, but whatever "floats your boat". :) BTW, I love love the short black ankle ones! HOT!!!

job29man said...

Only you know if the boots are something that are becoming a problem. But maybe more likely is that since "comfort food" is no longer a part of your life (if it ever was), perhaps "comfort shopping" or "comfort clothing (boots)" is taking its place.

When life gets tough some people seek solace in shopping. Could there be some of that going on?

job29man said...

Gemma asked...

"Please tell me I am not a sicko with a boot fetish."

Response: You are not a sicko with a boot fetish. You are a loving wife who wants to look hot for her husband. If you take comfort in his attention and intimacy, good for you!

verticaldistance said...

I love boots, and I live in the deep South. Women down here will wear them whenever. We just don't care!

Men have cars and sports. Women have shopping. Big deal. As long as the bills are paid, it shouldn't be a problem.

Ancient Mariner said...

When I think of people with a shoe problem, I think of Imelda Marcos (

At the torrid pace of three pairs a month, it will take you something over 80 years to catch up to her! So I would say you don't have a fetish...unless you are doing something unspeakable with the boots.

You aren't doing anything... unspeakable...are you??

Gemma said...

Ancient Mariner said: "I would say you don't have a fetish...unless you are doing something unspeakable with the boots. You aren't doing anything... unspeakable...are you??"

Hehe, no I am not doing anything unspeakable with my boots but if I were, I wouldn't be speaking of it, now would I? Hehe...

I must not buy more boots.
I must not buy more boots.
I must not buy more boots.
I must not buy more boots.
I must not buy more boots.

My new mantra...

Hiswildcherry46 said...

I'm all for wearing a pair of kick ass boots with mature woman confidence, Gemma.

If we think of doing(or get so lucky as to do!) unspeakable things in our own marriage beds, with our own beloveds, sanctioned by our loving God...I'm absolutely for all of it. My man is beginning to realise that he can 'bring it on' anytime!

My unspeakables will remain unspoken but totally relished ;-)