Sunday, November 8, 2009

How is passionate sex like our Christian walk?

Last night GR was really tired and had to go to bed before I did. Dd#1 was concerned about her younger sister and needed to talk to me while her sister was sleeping so I stayed up a bit longer with her but then I got tired and went to bed.

Even during emotional trials you have to find ways to sexually connect or your trials will eat you for lunch. After I slept for a couple of hours I was awakened to GR caressing me, one thing led to another and before I was fully awake we were at it in a hot and heavy session which we both thoroughly enjoyed. Yes, we were tired but there are times that you have to push the sex to keep the intimate connection going.

We can always catch up sleep but it is not always easy to catch up on sex. Once left unattended the sex can quickly go downhill. In my thinking passionate sex is not too unlike our Christian walk. When life gives you a tough "row to hoe" you keep both of them going strong no matter what.

What are your absolute priorities when you have a tough row to hoe? Is passionate sex high up there on the list where it should be or is it somewhere on the bottom?


Hiswildcherry46 said...

Midnight/middle of the night sex is on our wish list...This is a new discussion for us and one which would not have taken place a year or so ago. I can't wait.

I well remember when I literally could not stand any sex at all and here I am panting after being woken up at night when I get barely 4-5 hours of sleep, anyway!!

My need for connection with my lover is so acute, I am willing to forsake sleep to be joined with him whenever we are able.

Gemma, you ask if this can be likened to my Christian faith?

Yes, I can see the correlation between my full heart commitment to my Saviour and my absolute passion for my husband.

Both are relationships and both have required me to give my ALL.

My Lord Jesus is jealous of my love and worship and I honor Him by keeping my heart for Him only and no other God will I serve.

My man is jealous of my attention and all out desire and I honor him with throwing myself at him in absolute love and submission to his leadership in my life.

I am entirely loved and I fully realise how very special my God and my husband are in my life. I am a truly blessed woman.

mr. self respect said...

At its core, Christianity requires sacrifice. Christ sacrificed himself for us on the cross, so we are to sacrifice ourselves to the world. We must die to the world, and be born in new life in Christ.

If you come to view your sex life as sacrifice, then it all becomes much easier. That is the only thing that gets me through night after night after lonely night.

Some people are like eunuchs. They have sacrificed their sex lives, for the sake of the kingdom of heaven. For all intents and purposes, I am one of those people, even though I am married.

For others, they have a sex life, but their sex life is a sacrifice. They despise having sex, but do it anyway, out of devotion to their spouses.

Some people actually do enjoy sex, and for them, it is a precious gift. They really should cherish it. It is another grace from God, and they really should appreciate it.