Saturday, November 28, 2009

Being into each other

Hope your turkey day was fun, ours was! It was great to get away for a few days and see relatives but can I go on record to say-- Hotel stays are not as hot when you are simultaneously trying to visit with relatives. It is just not the same as when staying totally ALONE when you can just be into each other.

Oh and Job, we not only had a hotel wall separating us from the kids but we had a hotel wall, a hallway and another hotel wall. We strategically placed the kids across the hall from us rather than adjacent to our room. (I did not just fall off the turnip truck ;-)

That is all for now, guys. Enjoy the rest of your Thanksgiving weekend!


Dani said...

I have to concur and we didn't get to go away to a hotel. I was looking forward to a long weekend with lots of time to get to be in bed, but with all of the family stuff, we didn't get to enjoy eachother any more than a normal weekday! Good to be back on our regular routine.

job29man said...

Just got back from a hotel overnight with Sarah. We didn't leave the room the whole time, except to go to the pool/jacuzzi. We picked up take out dinner and ate in the room.

Glad there were no kids with us. They'd have had to stay on a different floor! I'll just say we were noisy!