Friday, October 9, 2009

Health Issues *****UPDATE ADDED*****

Many of you asked why I have not been writing much on the blog lately. Well, in the last month GR and I have been dealing with some life-threatening, health issues with one of our kids. In times of crisis I become stressed and all my mental energies go to the issue at hand. Our sex life had to continue. Without that I would have been done in by now and GR would have been equally out of sorts. I had to prioritize. It was the writing about sex and passion that I had to put on hold.

So here we are, a month into the health mess, attempting to find our way to the other side so we can get back to a *normal* life, whatever normal is until.... the next crisis comes along :-). Yes, this has been our life with this child.

Thank you all for being patient and please keep us in your prayers. Pray for GR and me and for this daughter with her health issues and also pray for our other daughter because this takes a toll on her life as well. God bless you all.

*****UPDATE ADDED*****

Daughter was distracted with school starting in August and in the process, she negligently got off her bipolar meds for about a month. She kept forgetting a dose here and there and before she knew it, she was missing more pills than she was taking and then all her bipolar symptoms gradually returned. Last week, her counselor told us that it will likely take another 2-3 weeks to get her meds fully back in her system before all the bipolar symptoms die down. Meanwhile, we wait it out!

Now we require her to keep her pill dispenser on the kitchen counter where I can regularly check it. She takes her bipolar meds four times a day- when she wakes, at noon, at 4pm and at bedtime. Whenever she takes the noon or 4pm dose from school or work, I require her to text or phone me to say, "I took my pill".

While she was coming off her meds I asked her every 1-2 days, "Are you keeping up with your pill schedule?" She did not want to alarm me so she kept it hidden that she had been missing so many of her pills. Like what we have been going through this past month and a half has not been alarming? HELLO???

We see this as a long, hard road for daughter. This morning she met our pastor’s wife and spoke alone with her. Tomorrow I meet daughter’s counselor alone. Next week daughter sees her counselor again. There is so much to learn about this disorder and it seems that the more we read, the more we realize that the medical profession can only do so much for those suffering with this... as it is with many diseases and disorders.

FYI---- I have been researching books at amazon and we have begun gathering a collection of what I consider to be "the best of the best" books on Bipolar Disorder, both memoirs and also books written from a medical perspective. When I get a chance I may post the titles here on the blog. There must be a gazillion books written both by and for people dealing with this disorder but only a handful of them are read-worthy. The book I am currently reading is a memoir written by a Professor of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, who coauthored the standard medical text and who also has had Bipolar Disorder her whole life.

With our daughter's health this has been like a tormenting déjà-vu for us. Over ten years ago she was hospitalized for a week and diagnosed with a disease that will stay with her for the rest of her life unless they find a cure. Now with the Bipolar Disorder diagnosis, once again we find ourselves learning the ropes of coping with sickness and disease. Our daughter will have to battle this along with the disease for the rest of her life unless they find a cure.

Please pardon my little pity party but GR, oldest daughter and I have had a rough one and a half months helping this daughter get past panic attacks, depression, thoughts of suicide and several other symptoms which reoccurred when she messed up her meds. We feel like we are past the hump with *this episode* but from all my readings it seems that this sort of thing periodically happens with those suffering from the disorder. And she is currently trying to finish her second year of college. Both the disease and the disorder make for quite the mentally challenging environment for her to get through classes, studying, and test taking not to mention the challenge all this has been for our oldest daughter as she goes through her third year of college in the midst of so much family chaos.

As I speak youngest daughter is texting me from school. She has two exams today and one more tomorrow. She texted me this morning before her first exam to say “I AM DOOMED!!!”. I asked her, “What is wrong?”… thinking something awful must happened. “Oh, nothing, I am just freaking out.” Just now got another text after her first exam, “I am done.” I told her, “Good- One down, one more to go for today.” It is like she needs every little bit of encouragement to get through her days at school.

Thank you all for keeping us in your prayers.


Hiswildcherry46 said...

Hey Gemma,
Been praying for your darling.
We have dealt with life threatening asthma with one of our daughters since she was intubated in PICU at 18 mths. She is now 10 so I can comprehend the stress you are under as we have had to be vigilant for many years.
God has been totally there for me as I was primary caregiver since my husband travels so frequently.

She just went racing past me in full vigor...I never cease to thank my God for her life and His provision of excellent physicians when she was at her worst.
Take heart and yes, keep your man really close to your heart as you both navigate through this dim tunnel.
I will believe for God's wisdom for your physicians plus 'gifted and called' nursing professionals as you walk towards full healing for your child.

Gemma, thank you for being such a good and loving mommy to your delicate child. You are more appreciated and loved by your daughter than she can show. God will truly bless your faithfulness.
Take care of yourself. You are in my thoughts, obviously ;-)

Who am I said...

I am sorry for your challenges right now. I pray that Jesus will give you all wisdom, patience, and love.

Glad you are being proactive about your relationship with GR.

I appreciate the update.

job29man said...

Dear Gemma,

We are all praying for you and your family!. Don't feel any pressure to work on the blog. We understand. We'll be here when you get back. We're not going anywhere.



so blessed said...

May the all-knowing all-powerful God of creation, who spun our very world into existence, cradle you in one hand and cover you with the other, until this storm passes. God bless you all.

Mark 9:24 said...

Gemma my friend,

I am so sorry to hear that you are continuing to have the health problems with your DD.

I am also sorry that I haven't been in contact with you since the end of September, (we have been dealing with issues of our own and I have not been online), but I should have contacted you to see how things were going.

My Prayers are with you and your family.


Gemma said...

Thank you all for your kind words and your prayers. I covet them.

Hiswildcherry46 said...

Hi Gemma,

I am still believing for the stabilization of your daughter's situation and our Lord's joy to flood into your family's home.

Take care of yourself and know that you and your husband are being thought of and prayed for.

I am actually believing for a Godly, miraculous, insight into her condition which has evaded both yourselves and your medical personnel.

By God's grace and healing power, may this time period be a turning point towards complete health for your darling daughter.

Smile big today, Gemma. Mothers are crucial in helping their families grasp the depth and breadth of God's provision of overall well-being in their families.

You are an amazingly strong woman so take heart and allow yourself to see light at the end of this particular tunnel.

Hiswildcherry46 said...


Thank you so much for giving us an update. I feel honored.

Bipolar disorder is daunting as I learnt whilst befriending a lady last year whose son has suffered from this disease.

Oddly enough, I felt to pray specifically for your daughter's mental health. Amazing. I firmly believe that this will be a turning point in your daughter's realization that just as we have different physical issues to deal with in life,she will learn how to include this treatment schedule as part of her life and therein could bring relief to herself in the long run.

My heart goes out to you, Gemma and GR. I am grateful you have what sounds like a strong support structure.

I have a daughter in college. I will make a mental note to pray for your darling every time I receive a text from my own daughter so that I have a reminder. My nickname for your daughter will be: God'sGirl = "G's.G". ... G for Gemma,GR,God. It all fits well. Do you mind?

There is victory in this and that is what I will continue to believe for.

Gemma, don't lose sight of the comfort and passion you have enjoyed with your man. Take a bit of time for yourself to think sex, dress for sex, fragrance your body for sex and throw yourself into your man during your sex. Get your 'Gemma Sass' on, woman. You both need it ;-)

bunnyhunch said...


This is late in coming, but my husband and I want you to know we care and that you & your family have been and still are in our prayers. We have seen close friends go through this and know how difficult it can be. Hang in there. Like Job said, we'll all be here when you're ready to get going again. Do what you need to do.

Blessings - BH

Gemma said...

Thanks, guys. Bipolar Disorder is EVIL!!!