Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Like my new boots?

Like my new Eric Michael Soho boots? I ordered them in black and plan to wear them mainly with casual dresses and skirts as a walking boot (ie, the short heel). This pair of Think! Aida's was my first choice but they sold out of black in my size so I settled for my #2 choice.

OK, now be honest. Since I'm in my 50's do they look too youngish for someone my age? Too old-fashioned? Too kinky? I was shooting for a slightly kinky, sexy, comfortable, walking boot but don't want to look like I'm trying to relive my 20' or 30's, kwim? ;-)


bunnyhunch said...

They look fun. Whether you look like you're trying to relive decades past probably depends more on what you'll be wearing with them, but I'll bet you'll do just fine. Besides, they look like they'd pair well with your collar & padlock!

I'm getting new boots this year, too, but will go for something with more heel. If I could justify spending the $$ on a second pair, I'd love to have a pair of short, fun boots, too.

Go for it. You'll love how you feel in them.

Hiswildcherry46 said...


Those booties are darling and how they suit you depends on the way you dress them up or down. Feed back would be fun.

I like the more high-heeled booties advertised beneath your choice. I am petite so wear heels all the time.

How would I wear my booties?

With tight jeans, tight top, shape enhancing shawl/shrug, eye enhancing makeup with light glossy lips, unusual silver/black/onyx typed earrings and delicate leather choker necklace.

Your boots could look cool with toned down gypsy style. Bit more difficult to pull off a gypsy look at our age but it can be done with more emphasis on your hair, eyes, unusual jewelry, and less billowy skirts to avoid looking like a ship in full sale.

Your almost longer hair ( you mentioned growing it last post ) would add mystery. A mysterious, confident get up on a mature woman looks outrageous.

Of course, overall, SMILE..BIG.

Stay with us now, Gemma. Foxy4eva.

Gemma said...

I hear you about the $$, bunnyhunch. It was a tough decision for me to decide between buying ankle boots, knee highs or mid-calves. But I already have a pair of black UGGs for when I'm outdoors and need warmth so I wanted these boots to be more for fashion and I wanted a boot which wouldn't be too warm when I'm indoors like to wear on dates, or for church, or shopping, etc. Ankle boots fit the bill for me.

Gemma said...


I'm also of a petite height but at my age and comfort level, my days of walking on 3-4 inch heels are behind me. No longer can I justify discomfort for fashion. But I do understand. In my younger years I always wore taller heels when I went out. Now I have to focus on style/fashion and leave the big heels to the younger women.

I'm not sure what gypsy style is but if it involves billowy skirts, then it's not something I tend to wear. But I will be wearing these boots with dresses and skirts because that's what my dh prefers me to wear when we go on dates.

I have a huge attraction for metal buckles and other large metal trimmings on shoes so I guess that does go well with my metal collar/padlock.

bunnyhunch said...

So, at what age do I have to give up my black leather knee-high boots with 3-inch heels? I am soon to be 48, and LOVE to wear both boots and heels. (I pass on anything greater than three inches.)

I wore out my last pair of dress boots last year and will miss them terribly if they're not replaced. To get a quality pair, I'll be spending what you're spending, Gemma. That's just the price we pay to be sexy, I guess!

If our feet are happy, the rest of us follows suit.

Gemma said...

bunnyhunch said: "So, at what age do I have to give up my black leather knee-high boots with 3-inch heels?"

When the pain outweighs the pleasure lol???

I may invest in a third pair of boots, dressy knee highs... for those times when I'll need a little warmth in a dressy boot. My UGGs are soooo warm that they are only comfy when I'm outdoors a while in freezing cold weather. We women can be so complicated with our shoes, can't we? One of my dd's always tells me I have a shoe fetish; maybe I do ;-).

Gemma said...

Wearing my boots this evening for the first time. GR and I are going downtown for an outdoor country music concert. I'll be wearing my new boots and my chain collar, in addition to a few other things ;-).... skirt, top, jean jacket.

bunnyhunch said...

Do have fun now! I hope they'll make you feel as sassy as they look.

Hiswildcherry46 said...

Whoohoo, cooler spell where we live and I got to wear my sassy booties..loved putting them on again. Somehow, my outfits seem more complete when I wear boots. Wish I could wear them all year but my feet would overheat.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, they don't "float my boat." This is such a personal preference, but to me, the only boots that look good are nicely fitting (not sloppy looking),tall ones, just below the knee that have a short heel. The Midwest Lady owns a pair & they look really good on her and she looks really good in them... even in her later 50s.

The Midwest Gentleman