Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Is it EVER easy to be apart?

I just wanted to pop in here to say that I really, REALLY miss my husband. He left Tuesday morning for a business trip and will not be back until tomorrow evening (ie, Thursday). We go through this every couple of weeks but it never becomes easy to be apart. Those of you who are fortunate to have your spouse with you, enjoy being sexually intimate together. End of my whiny pity party. Thank you for putting up with me.


Who am I said...

So what can you do during this time apart to be an even more exciting, enthralling Gemma when he comes home?

Mark 9:24 said...


When you're as close as you and GR have become since your awakening what you are feeling is entirely understandable.


Mark 9:24 said...

Who am I said...

So what can you do during this time apart to be an even more exciting, enthralling Gemma when he comes home?

Now that's a great question!
I'm looking forward to how Gemma answers it. ;-)


Hiswildcherry46 said...

Gemma, my man left Tues for a business trip :(
We make beautiful love before he leaves but I cry openly as we climax. It hurts badly to know he will not be beside me, or in me, for days. My whole being aches.

How do I make my time fruitful?

I read:
-voraciously to have interesting stuff to tell him when he returns.
-sex oriented books.
-my Bible, greatest book eva.

I love:
-my body, eat well, sleep more,exfolliate,primp,prime,exercise; for him.
-on my kids which eases his mind as he travels.

I write:
-on married sex blogs; reading what others are going through and doing to increase their passion.

I blitz:
-my home and toss junk with relish!

I think:
-about my life direction, how to incorporate more of God in it, our sex, our family, sexuality in general, better health, our future years.

I dream big.

I laugh:
-my kids and I watch comedies.
-at my sexual frustration! This is such a huge indicator of the massive change in our marriage.

Thx for reading as always.

Mark 9:24 said...

Gemma, and Cherry,

You both have great ways of dealing with your hubbys being away and how to greet them when they return! ;-)


Command0-182 said...

Hey! Look on the bright-side! At least you have somebody! I've never had anyone. Never had a GF. When I get lonely, I have no one to call, just a bunch of websites to cycle through. I even have to imagine my future spouse because I've never seen them!

job29man said...

DW is gone on business for one week each month. I hate to say this but sometimes I scarcely can notice she's gone. Not for any bad reason but because I am so doggone busy and exhausted from running the house and farm with 8 children and over 150 livestock without any help from DW... that... well I just fall into bed at night exhausted and kinda forget to pine for her.

I can even sleep all night with her gone, which is odd because if she is home but comes to bed later than me I have a terrible night's sleep! When she's home I need her to come to bed when I do and give me a good roll in the sack then I sleep like a baby.

She usually returns on Saturday night so Saturday's are bad for me because I actually have a little time to pine away. It's hard to focus on work then.

Some weeks I need to have phone sex with her once or twice just to keep my sanity. Other weeks it's like "Huh? Were you gone? (not really, but almost). Which is strange because I have an incredibly HD!


Who am I said...

So how did the homecoming turn out?

Gemma said...

It came out just as planned only it was better than the expectations. My husband is AMAZING!!!!

bunnyhunch said...

Gemma, I am thankful that my dh rarely has to be gone on business. It happens only a couple of times each year. But I do hate it when he's gone. We are so terribly & terrifically close, I just hate it. Having him here in bed with me is something I long for every night.

Like HWC, I delve into many other things with relish - sometimes even painting a room while he's gone. It is a good time to explore new things we can talk about, and I always try to primp in some special way that will make him happy. I ALWAYS want to make sure he'll be glad to return. I'm sure GR was; glad to hear you had a great homecoming!

Hiswildcherry46 said...

My husband returns tomorrow. I am so excited.

Gemma, your comment to Andrea truly knocked me up side the head. I was becoming ungrateful!

I spent the entire day texting my wonderful husband, with appreciation for all that he does for me.

Once he gets home, he will be blessed with delicious food and drink.
He'll be drawn into a clean and incense-perfumed bedroom then pampered in the shower to enable him to unwind and become familiar with me again.
I'll massage him with beautiful oils and will then give all of myself to him when he is full of desire. If that takes a while, since he gets so wiped out from air travel, I will stay turned on for him.

I truly cannot wait to be with my husband and lord again. I adore him and I can't wait for him to adore me!

RedEarth said...

Just got back from a short business trip. I found it actually relaxing to not worry what deed or word or forgetful misstep was going to unleash the fury. She got angry at me this morning telling me we were going to have a good time where we're going tonight, and _I_ wasn't going to spoil it. (Well then chill out, don't treat me like a child, and act like we missed each other maybe?) I so miss the umpteen adult years of solitude.

Hiswildcherry46 said...

Hey RedEarth,
My husband travels frequently and I am head of the household when he is gone.
I have struggled with the family leadership quandry for many years and still do not have a solid working solution as to how a wife hands back the headship of the home when her husband returns.
It is always a conscious effort for me to allow my husband back into his role of leadership after he has been gone for a while as I carry his load when he is gone and unfortunately, I have noticed that I become bitter and resentful because of the extra parenting I have to do.
Your situation is different to my marriage but I wanted to chime in with a wife's perspective which sometimes is hard to convey without extreme sarcasm and frustration.