Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Reader's Favorite- What you see is NOT what you get!

One of my readers is into "fooling the public". Let me explain.

This reader wrote to me and shared an idea that he and his wife enjoy. He likes to take his wife to a distant city where no one knows them and then they behave in a more daring manner while there. He tells her what to wear and it is often an ultra-conservative outfit to "fool the public". They will go out shopping or to dinner and his wife will behave very submissive and subservient to him. Underneath her conservative appearance she will have a shaven pussy and/or objects 'hidden' in her pussy. On her thighs and breasts she will have temporary tattoos which say things like "I'm your bitch" or "I suck cock" or "It's not going to lick itself". He says the contrast is so erotic for him. What the world sees on the surface is totally different from what is underneath.

Is it arousing for you and your spouse to go out on the town with hidden sexual 'secrets' between you? If you have never done this, would your spouse be open to discussing the possibility of doing this with you? Why or why not? How would you like to see this sort of thing played out with your spouse? What would you show in the way you dress? What would you "hide" underneath? Do you think this sort of play would change the dynamics of your time spent out in public? Do you think this sort of play would bump up the eroticism in your relationship?


g00dsp0rt said...

Well gemma a fantasy I have shared but not yet acted out is while I and my wife are dinning out after dinner we have coffee after stirring her coffee she takes the spoon and sticks it under her dress no panties of course and places it in her pussy handle sticking out of her. She holds it there as we leave going a short distance to an ice-cream shop where at a booth I retrieve the spoon and we use it sharing a Sunday

Mark 9:24 said...

Great post Gemma,

I would love to have a sex weekend with DW in another city where no one knows us. Where we wouldn't have to be so reserved in public.

What you posted sounds like a lot of fun. Something I would love to try.

job29man said...

I have done exactly what your reader suggests! Hot sex in a hotel in a faraway town, and then out on the town for dinner in conservative clothes and no underwear, tattoos.

Remember in the fantasy thread how we actually did the "woman flashes her privates to shoe salesman in shoe store" fantasy.

We'll also go into a Barnes and Noble bookstore and read the Sex and Marriage books while drinking Starbucks coffee.

We also went to the city's botanical gardens. I made DW take off her panties for me in the middle of the "cloud forest" glass house exhibit, with all the mist of the tree tops. She handed me her panties in that public area, but did it cleverly so no one could see.

We haven't done any "things hidden in the pussy" stuff yet. But I am planning a time, on our next trip, where we will go to an "Elephant Bar" restaurant and she will "magically" produce small stalks of celery for me to munch on, while we wait for our meal sipping our Mojitos.

On this next date I plan to also have the nipple clamps hooked up to her and the chain attached to them coming out through her button down front of her dress. I'll lean over in the restaurant and gently tug on the chain pendant, i.e. her nipples. No one will suspect a thing. But WE will know that I'm pulling on her nips.

I agree with that reader. This stuff is very HOT!

Hiswildcherry46 said...

Interesting that this post appealed to the guys. Reveals that us wives need to let our imaginations go a little more wild than we think they are!

Just when I think I am getting edgy, my husband floors me with some off the wall comment like " are you going to do a dance for me like Shakira's she-wolf ".

Jaw to the floor as I battle with the huge 'how the hell am I going to pull off that one'. Well, I said I was up for a challenge.

How to allow my she-wolf out for him to see?...yup, she's in there! Shakira beautifully brought out the quandry many of us wives are in, at the end of her video, as she closed her she-wolf down and modestly crept back to bed in her chaste nightgown. She's got us females down.

If our men give us permission to be she-wolves, we have got the green light, girls ;-)

Gemma said...

OK, showing my ignorance here but who is Shakira?

Hiswildcherry46 said...

Hi Gemma,

We're into music and the arts in our house.

If you do a youtube search and type in her name plus the name of the song, then watch the video, you'll see some of the most amazingly sensual and sexy dancing.

My teen daughters and I have admired Shakira's expertise since we took belly dancing classes. That woman can move her booty like nothing else!

sundcarrie said...

Alright where do I get those tattoos. I have an aversion to saying those things out loud, I so need those.

Sounds fun my dh doesn't seem to like to plan the sex stuff but maybe I will have him read this post

job29man said...

I forget just now, but do a websearch on "naughty temporary tattoos"

bunnyhunch said...

The 'ultra-conservative outfit' part is what I'm curious about. Just like we might have sexy clothes reserved for special dates, do some of you have extra-conservative, even dowdy, clothing to wear for occasions such as this?

DH loves knowing what sexy undergarments I'm wearing under a fairly plain outfit, and will on occasion tell me "no panties today", but that's about it. I'm looking for more ideas to try. The nipple clamp in public thing sounds great, but cannot work for me... I'm very disappointed.

It would be a thrill to try some other things, bringing out as HWC says, my 'she-wolf'!

Hiswildcherry46 said...

Hey bunnyhunch,

Chucked out half of my 'dag' wardrobe so I don't have any yuck clothes. Been conservative/grunge OL for 24 yrs. No more for me.

Role playing : I go conservative and have a b..tchy expression on my face at Starbux/wherever but a she-wolf look towards him. My face can be intimidating, middle-aged woman with that edge to it of 'I deliver' yet only my man gets my full on smile. Tiny growl.

My husband isn't interested in nipple clamp ideas but I found some beautiful nipple decoration stick ons. Same site had stick on 'wildcherry' beautifiers. He raised his eyebrows at that idea so will go there soon ;-) Small growl.

Pretend brat attitudes can spice things up as well where he starts to mention that you are hard to tame! Spice up his imagination with off-the-wall comments and random energetic stuff like you did years ago. She-wolf canine teeth show.

Speak with your eyes outrageously in the car. You do the driving and get aggressive with his 'lap', just because. Canine teeth lick.

If he is a guy guy, be she-wolfish and take advantage of him when he is not expecting it. Learn how to flirt again but this time, you are an older woman and look out, you do follow up and big time. Tiny neck bite of playful submission, wolfy trick.

If he is a more gentle introspective man like mine is, I body slam him in the kitchen using my booty; invade his body space at the computer at certain times; use his personal space in bed so that he is squished against me; send him saucy texts on his work phone; massage his neck and lick his ears and bite his neck, lightly. Generally play love games with his head all day. Tail wagging, romping she-wolf.

Love is fun, spice it up all week and make the weekend count. Gear him up mentally for Friday so that he begins to pant with anticipation for union with his she-wolf and then bring it on full force so that he cannot stop telling you he is so in love with you. Now that brings a smile to Hiswildcherry's face, in the dark, like nothing else and I sleep in peace, in my den, with my man-wolf.

Gemma said...

'dag' wardrobe? What's that?

Hiswildcherry46 said...

Hi Gemma,
Dag wardrobe refers to OL (old lady) clothing.

Not figure fitting at all and commonly made out of unflattering fabrics as most gorgeous fabrics emphasize the body.
Drab colors are also used to pull the eye away from the female form.
Granny pants are the norm.
Thongs are of the devil as a chaste woman shows that she is wearing underwear.
Lace bras and camis speak of wantonness, etc, etc..
You get the picture.

Ack, ack, excuse me while I clean up my computer screen of barf!

bunnyhunch said...

My sister was into wearing dag clothing for quite a long time. I remember a few years back seeing her get ready for an anniversary date with her husband and feeling so sorry for him. She was wearing the ugliest shoes I've ever seen, an unflattering cotton floral skirt (long & big), and topped it off with a drab and stained beige man's t-shirt. This, as she put on her pale lipstick.

I felt bad for him because at 6-foot tall, she was/is a stunning, statuesque woman when she lets her beauty show - and she did just that when he first met her. Yet here she was masking the natural beauty God gave her, looking as unattractive as possible on this special night.

Now, I completely understand the reason behind this, but I have found myself asking many times over the years, am I truly a less holy woman in God's eyes because I refuse to be dowdy? (Please don't think I'm being disrespectful; I was really trying to figure out where I fit & what was right.)

To bring this back around to the question of fooling the public, then, would you (HWC) don your old duds and go out with your hubby, fooling the public? They would be on the outside only; you could be your sassy, she-wolf self underneath, wearing the sexiest underthings or nothing at all. Could you bring yourself to do that?

Personally, though I dress fairly conservatively (not showing too much leg, cleavage, etc.), I find I'm having a very hard time keeping the sexiness I feel hidden. I love how I feel these days, so much more confident, rather flirty. It's just hard to hide it! At DH's order, I suppose I could - if he forbade me to let it show at all. Now that would be an erotic challenge.

Mark 9:24 said...

Hiswildcherry46 said...
Just when I think I am getting edgy, my husband floors me with some off the wall comment like " are you going to do a dance for me like Shakira's she-wolf ".

I had no idea what you were refering to so I looked up the video on YouTube.

Whoa! Hot!

Yes, we husbands do like our wives to have a "wild side". ;-)


job29man said...

My dear Sarah is a nurse. And she looks so hot in a traditional uniform. No one where's the traditional whites anymore though. But I found a place that sells them. She still has her nurse's cap from her original graduation ceremony and first nursing job "back in the day".

Recently I've thought about getting her back into it all. But I would never ask her to squeeze into that first uniform she had (and still owns)I mean ... goodness! She's over 30 years down the road and had 10 children since then. So I'm buying her this uniform.

What do you think?

Now what to do with it? I pictured making sure the hemline is moderately short (but not "trampy" to draw attention). I'll shower her, shave her pussy (which I do weekly anyway), apply naughty tattoos to her private areas, put her in this garter belt and stocking setup (victoria's secret)

And take her for a walk in a nice part of downtown. Maybe go to an outdoor cafe for dinner. I won't allow panties of course. And she will be required to "show me what she's got" from time to time in public places.

I'm toying with the idea of trying to find an elevator without a security camera to do the deed with her there. Standing up from behind.

Any other ideas? I LOVE a woman in uniform! (grin!)

Mark 9:24 said...

I'll tell you what I think Job,

You have really HOT fantasies.
Especially since you actually cary them out.

have you ever thought of collecting them all and putting them on a blog?


job29man said...

Blogging? Er... no. I'll leave that to techno people who know how to do that stuff.

You are right about my fantasies though. All my fantasies are really just plans. I wind up doing most of them. Why waste a perfectly good fantasy? Be a man (or woman) of action!

Gemma said...

Oh yeah, Job, I'm a real computer savvy techie ;-)... NOT!!!!!!

Mark 9:24 said...

Ya Job!

If Gemma can do it....... ;-)