Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Reader's Favorite- Using food during sex

A reader asked me if we could have a discussion about using food during sex, saying that he liked to eat food out of his wife's body. This topic is so not a preference of mine but I am sure many of you are into the sex with food thing. If you enjoy it post your comments, ideas and questions. Be as graphic as you like. We can take it ;-)!


Dani said...

We don't use food very often and when we do it is usually melted chocolate and i get to lick it off of my hubby. Once upon a time, i did make a banana split out of him, very fun, but way too much to eat!! Next time, just a small scoop of icecream would be plenty, but i did it up right, whipped cream and sprinkles! Very fun.

DaMattafan said...

I’ll “bite”. ;) We have used bananas, cucumbers and other phallic shaped vegetables on occasion. I love walking through the vegetable section and asking her to pick one out for later. Just thinking about it gets me a little worked up. Need to do this again soon!!

g00dsp0rt said...

i love Nutella on my wifes nipples

Wink! said...

I know all the precautions about infection and such but it has never been an issue for me.

Some of my favorite dishes...

1. English muffin a la Sarah, with butter melted inside her body and squeezed out onto the muffin, then some peach jam squeezed out onto the muffin in the same way.

2. Fruit slices (or grapes, cherries, strawberries) inserted and the squeezed out directly into my mouth.

3. Kefir put inside her with a turkey baster, then squeezed out for me to drink.

4. Slices of cheese and salami inserted and squeezed out.

5. Spaghetti poured into her "lap" and eaten out by me with no hands permitted, just mouth.

6. Food poured into my lap and eaten by her in the same way, including ice cream, pasta, salad, oatmeal in the morning, easy over eggs for breakfast...

7. Anything off each other's chests or tummies.

Yes I like to mix food with sex. It's very erotic, but I think it's unusual enough to consider a "kink".

job29man said...

You guys know that many of my fantasies involve being out in public, and enjoying a sense of "danger" but not actually being at risk. Here's a food/sex fantasy I have...

Go out to dinner in with DW. Before we get out of car have her insert a few slender celery hearts into herself with the leaves hanging out. No panties, skirt... Then during the appetizers phase of the meal I ask her for a piece of celery.

She reaches under the table discretely and pulls one out and hands it to me. I eat it right there. What's so noticeable about a man eating food in a restaurant? Only I know that it tastes and smells like DW's juices.

Like all my fantasies, this one is in the planning stages right now.

midwestman said...

We've done the hot fudge sundae idea, whipped cream and a cherry and all :) One time we drizzled honey all over us - BAD IDEA. Not slippery at all and a real mess to clean up :( Of course, when I was the sundae, I was actually the banana split seein as how I already had the banana :D


Hiswildcherry46 said...

Food during sex has been in our conversation for years. I'm game, he's not in the least bit interested.

Wildcherry is TERRIBLE at taking no for an answer so the game is on ;-)

He began naring his chest and back for me so I am going to get cheeky soon with some kind of food sex stunt. I know he will love what I do as I am the imaginative side of him!

bunnyhunch said...

We have been known to play with whipped cream &/or chocolate syrup, even honey on each other's body parts from time to time. Mostly, it was a novel and fun thing to do once in awhile when we were younger, but we don't do it much anymore. Besides being very sticky, we don't like the aftertaste, preferring instead to taste each other's juices. We feel the same way about flavored lubes.

We were joking around the other day about using a cucumber that was just about the right size, but didn't do it.

Wink & JobMan, if DH ever wanted to try the ideas you've suggested, I would not refuse. We'll see what he thinks after he read this thread!

Gemma said...

Guys, I guess I'm dull and boring and GR is too. We've never had the food/sex interest. Of course, for me, there is a story behind my dislike of food handling. (Here's an old Gemma story.)

When I was very little, like toddler/preschool age, I was really finicky about getting things on my hands. It was so bad that if we were eating finger foods like fried chicken or if I wanted to eat a banana I'd ask my parents to feed it to me so I wouldn't get my hands "dirty"... and they did because if they didn't, I would refuse to eat. I was a terribly skinny child to begin with and they couldn't afford to have me go on a starvation strike so they indulged in my little quirkiness just so I would eat.

Now that I'm thinking about it, it seems like I've been quirky about one thing or another for my entire life, lol. Anyway, I'll eat finger foods now but I would never be interested in smearing food on my body or on GR's. And I'm very happy that he's not interested in doing "food sex" either so we're on the same page with that.

Hiswildcherry46 said...

Oh wow, Gemma, you have got me thinking now. I am the freak in our marriage. Always doing random stuff which my man craves as he is pretty normal and I add the juiciness to his life!
He is a total neat freak and I am all over the place yet we are so ideal for each other it is beautiful.
I bet his tendency towards OCD type of cleanliness is what makes food and sex an absolute turn off. After all, if he cannot handle a speck on his drinking glass, how the h..ll is he going to take me covering his body with chocolate or him making me more outrageous by doing the same.
Interesting and a bit of a relief for me in understanding that I am o.k. desiring odd ball stuff. I am simply more comfortable with getting down and dirty ;-)

Gemma said...

I can't speak for your dh because I don't know him but it's possible that he doesn't like mixing food and sex simply because of his personality.

My dh is polar opposite of an OCD person yet he has no interest in mixing food and sex. And although my dh and I both tend to be uninhibited in bed, I am probably the "freakiest" between the two of us yet I don't like mixing food and sex either. I'm afraid that blows your theory ;-).

Really none of this is all that odd for the marriage bed. Each idea or activity is just a thing of personal preference.

Hiswildcherry46 said...

It's not uncommon for my theories to get blown out of the water! Another example of knowing thyself and one's partner versus comparing with others! Time to make my man coffee and to steal a feel.

Coffee and sex...hmmm. Nope. Sigh. Maybe cherry liquer or creme de menthe. I can easily mix sensory delights in with making love. Have incorporated scent, sound, touch, sight but taste..only coconut oil and body tastes.

I actually am content. As long as he loves on me, I am a happy wildcherry.

Tulipsanticipation said...

Besides whipped cream, neither of us seems to be super inclined towards this. Not that I wouldn't be open to it. Maybe I'll bring up the vegetable idea, I read somewhere how you can make a vibrator out of a cucumber or something by drilling out a hole to put a bullet vibrator in. Sounds a little intriguing.