Monday, July 6, 2009

A Reader's Favorite- Photography in the marriage bed

One of my readers is interested in photography. I have to admit, my husband and I have not experimented with the camera while having sex. What fun ways do you incorporate photography in your marriage bed? For those of us who are inexperienced with this--- Can you share what enjoyment you receive out of using your camera this way? After you film or take pictures, where do you store them? How often do you look at them?


job29man said...

In our Marriage Bed the desire to photograph is one-sided. It is mine, but DW goes along cheerfully and cooperatively.

While she is interested in seeing the photos or video when I want to pull them out and watch them, she does not ever seek them out. That's just fine.

I have given her full access to all the materials at any time, and she can destroy any or all of them whenever she wants without first asking permission. I do this to protect her modesty and give her a valid sense of security.

The still photos are password protected, but not encrypted, since I haven't learned how to do that yet. And the videos are neither encrypted nor password protected for the same reason. I'd like to learn how to do this from someone who can instruct me in layman's terms.

They are stored in a small gun vault that weighs all of 10 pounds. I suppose a burglar would just pick it up and run and bust it open later. Hmmm I'd better rethink that. Safe from kids but not bad guys.

Command0-182 said...

There are softwares out there that will encrypt you files for you. Usually they are encrypted into hidden archives and what not. Just keep in mind, that if the "bad guy" is really computer savy, consider those things "uploaded" because nothing you do can keep a hacker out of your files. OTOH if he's not computer savy...then any simple encryption program will do. In the case of external HD I think you can password protect the partition, so the whole drive won't load unless they have the password.

On the topic.
As for me. If I were married I'd have no desire to take photos or videos of us. I am probably one of the last people I'd want to see on TV. A video of my future wife? Sure, if she wants to make a video. I do like watching sex. But not ME having sex. I don't like me...eeeeew.

Dani said...

Too funny. We just made our first video a week ago. Hubby is a "boob" man and wanted to see how they hang and bounce when when we ml and he is behind me and I am on my hands and knees. So, I got the camera out and positioned it in front of me so he could watch it later. He loves it. Not sure if there are other angles I would be ok with, but it was fun to do.

so blessed said...

This is probably more of a "guy thing" I suppose. Photography plays directly into the strong visual nature of so many of us. Photographing the DW in various stages of undress, bound and helpless, etc. crams our visual rolodex with images that we can not only replay mentally, but physically return to later via the PC. And those tight close-up shots of her at work with a large vibe (or two!); blow them up on a PC screen and the guy just goes . . . WOW!

We simply store ours in folders on a password-protected flash drive. Without the password, you can't even open the drive so the photos are quite safe from prying eyes.

bunnyhunch said...

Six (seven now?) months ago, there would have been an automatic "Absolutely not!" coming from my mouth if DH had even suggested taking pictures of us nude, period. Like Commando, I had a very strong aversion both to seeing myself on camera and being seen. However, since sending all inhibitions on a ship sailing for parts unknown, that and many other things have changed. Anything DH wants, he gets, and that goes for taking pictures of us nude & in various stages of lovemaking.

The first time we played with photographing ourselves was on a romantic get-away a couple of months ago. We took lots of pictures as well as a short video of us in the act.

I had decided that in order to fully share the experience, I would view the pictures and video with him, so when returned home, we watched them on our computer screen together. Because I assumed the whole thing was just for him, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed what I saw. It was wonderful to see not only his body in action but mine as well.

By looking at the myself through the eyes of a camera, I could see my body with less personal attachment. They helped me see that I'm not just an overweight, unattractive mass. I saw instead the body of a woman freely and fully enjoying her sexuality with her husband. It was an unexpected and beautiful experience which has helped me make peace with my own body, not offensive in the least. Watching DH delight in it was a big help, too.

Since then, we have taken pictures often. DH is the primary photographer, but I do on occasion. If he wants to videotape us in the throes of passion, there is never any protest from me. We watch them together, keep them on the computer for a day or two, and then delete them. Sometimes I hate to do that, but we would sure hate to have anyone else come across them inadvertently. Since this is also my business computer, I'm a little nervous about it.

DH has found it helpful to look at our pics on occasion when he needs a little extra help getting aroused. I'm so glad he is looking at us, not porn or other women.

SoBlessed: And those tight close-up shots of her at work with a large vibe (or two!); blow them up on a PC screen and the guy just goes . . . WOW!
SoBlessed, Mr. BH is starting to look forward to reading your ideas. Keep 'em coming! I can see hear it already: "Bunnyhunch, let's take THIS shot next!"

so blessed said...

Hi Bunnyhunch -

It's great to hear about you guys letting go and really enjoying each other! Glad I can help a little bit!

Hey, I left you another suggestion over on the Fantasies thread, in case you haven't read it. ;-)

bunnyhunch said...

DH & I were talking about the photo/video subject earlier today. He likes the idea of storing them on a password-protected flash drive, like SB suggested. The main reason he sees for storing them: We never know when illness or injury will rob us of the ability to enjoy sex physically. Saving those images would make it possible to experience sex together at least in a visual sense. It would also be nice to look back years from now to see what our first fully awakened year was like, enjoying and reliving our experiences whenever we want.

SB: Hey, I left you another suggestion over on the Fantasies thread, in case you haven't read it. ;-)
Read it & responded. THANKS!

I'm beginning to feel like a SoBlessed groupie. ;-)

midwestman said...

While I would love to take pix and video, my DW wants nothing to do with it. I would love to have this material available so when I feel the desire to look at naked women, I can look at this instead :) Not sure if my DW objects more to "what she looks like" or to the security concerns of storing them. I have a few pix she let me take on two occasions in the past but she is always very reluctant so I don't push it. I think it would be a huge turn on to take video of us then watch it together later!


so blessed said...

Aww, bunnyhunch, you are so kind! Gemma has such a great blog here, I am just glad to have something to add.

Gemma said...

I can't imagine how much fun it would be to watch a video of us having sex but, alas, we don't have the camera to do it. Maybe one day...

bunnyhunch said...

Gemma: I can't imagine how much fun it would be to watch a video of us having sex but, alas, we don't have the camera to do it. Maybe one day...
Well, we don't actually, either... We use DH's digital work camera which can take a 4-minute video recording. Definitely not the best set-up, but we get any footage off the camera immediately & onto my laptop. It wouldn't be cool to have any pics left on it if someone else had to use it.

I'm trying to figure out how we can get a tripod for next to nothing. Borrowing one for this purpose just seems too awkward.

Gemma said...

My dd just purchased a tripod for her video camera and only paid about $40 for it. And, no, I wouldn't borrow dd's camera to make a bedroom video ;-).

job29man said...

You can rent video cameras sometimes from better photography stores.

Or better yet is borrowing a camera. Once you get comfortable with the fact that the image is never stored on the camera but on the tape or removable chip all your hesitation at borrowing DDs (or someone else's) camera should melt away.

What I do is buy a separate chip for myself. I put an adhesive paper label on the chip. I color that label with pink highlighter, and then write PRIVATE on the label.

I label the family chip with "Family" and set it aside. Then I use the PRIVATE chip for "sexy stuff". Then I remove the pink chip and put it in the vault. Then insert the family chip and check it for pictures of teddy bears and birthdays that are obviously family.

The security in doing this is very good.

Gemma said...

You don't understand, Job :-). The thing with my dd's camera--- She's extremely inquisitive and would certainly ask why we'd want to borrow it. I'm just not ready to tell our girls that Mom and Dad are taking nude photos or videos. When we get our own video camera, then we'll experiment with this and they won't have to know a thing.

job29man said...

OK I'll fess up here. For my birthday this year DW took me to a "big city" (of over a million) a few hours away. Remember we are country folk whose nearest neighbor is a mile away.

Anyway she took me there to a hotel and asked "What do you want to do?"

I answered "I want to do photography. I want to make a sex positions poster with you and me as the live nude models who are actually doing the real act. I want to have us go to and do what we see there and see how far we get."

She said "OK" (where's the Mr. Green avatar Gemma?) I knew she would say OK, but still... It's a thrill!

So we set up in the hotel and it was like something out of a teenage boy's wet dream fantasy. We had sex using over 40 positions that weekend, and we photographed every one of them with a digital camera on delay shooting on a tripod.

It was such a hoot! I asked DW to be the "Director" and she complied eagerly. What a thrill see her bring up the next position on the website and then to hear her say ...
"OK so I'm looking at this next fellatio sex position. It's ... um... "athletic" shall we say? Cough... well I want you to put your head on this corner of the bed and then grab my butt and lift me in the air, and I'm going to spin around three times and land with my mouth on your penis and sit on your..." Well OK it was pretty close to that...

The cool thing was her involvement.

Long story short? We did three sessions and I used the last position as the orgasm one, where I'd just get into position and keep on going.

I plied her with chocolate and incredible restaurant food, very elegant... Hey! You can't have sex non-stop all weekend y'know. Ya gotta get out and have some other fun too.

We have 3 more weekends planned for this. Two to get the rest of the 100 sex positions photographed, and one weekend to just do editing and assembling into posters, movies, etc. TOGETHER!

Gemma said...

Job said, "I plied her with chocolate and incredible restaurant food, very elegant... Hey! You can't have sex non-stop all weekend y'know."

You have to keep your strength up so food is necessary ;-).

Cilantro said...

To those interested in encrypting your files, I would suggest checking out TrueCrypt. It is a free and open source program that is fairly user friendly. It is available to download at

AxCrypt ( is another free, open source program that is good for encrypting single files.

Contrary to what Command0-182 says, if you use a program like this and a decent password, no one in world is going to be able to read your files without your password.

Anonymous said...

Ok this is old, but I just 'discovered' Gemma's blog, reading old posts. DW would never go for it - (She's self concious just taking pretty posed non glamour candids) - but I've always wanted to try some macro nudes. Like a nipple so close up that you can't tell exactly what it is, etc...

Michael and Caroline said...

We love all of this enthusiasm!