Monday, July 13, 2009

A Reader's Favorite- How to have a sex adventure weekend

One of my readers is experimenting more and more with what he calls "sex adventure weekends" and I am only assuming that he is mainly referring to weekends away from home. Do you plan many weekends of this sort? What do you plan or what would you like to plan? How often do you have these weekends? Have you discussed this idea with your spouse?


Anonymous said...

We have had several over the years. If we could afford it, I would do it all the time! In the past we did a massage weekend where we gave each other a slow, all over body massage. First night him, second night me. BTW, don't buy the massage oil that says, AWAKE on the label, even if it smells great! The person who got massaged couldn't sleep that night. Of course we didn't figure it out until I was up the second night!

We did a hot tub weekend once in a room with a build in tub.

Recently we got a room and I did a long, slow strip tease for dh. He was tied to a chair and I teased him mercilessly!

Another time he tied me to the bed and teased me mercilessly for hours.

The last one we did we brought a bunch of toys and games and played!

Hiswildcherry46 said...

A while ago,we planned a night of 'Twister' during our weekend away.

We often play games that are sexually charged. I get to be cheeky, sexy and provocative. He gets to satisfy his competitive spirit by totally obliterating me, his opponent and then mastering me in bed! So hot.

I dressed alluringly with lots of items to remove and we began. What began as an innocent kids' game turned into a feast for his eyes since I had to forfeit an article of clothing every time I fell over. I made sure my last pieces were eye poppers for him.

He is far more athletic than me so I was on the floor more than upright which gave him lots of visuals and had me in fits of giggles.

The advantage of playing the game and performing a steady strip for him turned my tame pussycat husband into a raging lion pursuing his mate.

We're planning a getaway weekend, soon. Wildcherry's imagination is getting fired up...

The Groom said...

The last two MLK weekends we've gone about an hour away and stayed in the same hotel. Last year we got the SAME ROOM. This time my bride saved the card so we could request that room. It's nothing special, but it's our place now.

Our weekend doesn't necessarily include any wild or excessively kinky sex, but we do have a lot of it. The first time we went was only about a month after I really started pursuing her again and made her my goal (thanks, TMB!). We had also discovered the joy and eroticism of FE, so that weekend we changed our own sheets. The next year (this past MLK) we went back and had just purchased our Liberator shapes, cuffs, and throe. We had a great time just learning how to restrain each other and enhancing positions with the wedge and ramp. Our sheets were much cleaner, but we weren't!

In between, right before school started back, we went on an overnight camping trip with the tent my bride bought me for our anniversary. We played strip Uno and when I kept losing and was out of clothes, she made me do all kinds of naughty things to her. We had a great time in our big tent with our big, thick air mattress.

We haven't gone on any goal-specific "sex adventure" weekends, but we go get away sometimes for the purpose of reconnecting alone, knowing that plenty of sex will be a part of it.

M_K1980 said...

We've taken our laptop with us to the same Hotel in KC a few times this year. We also, called that hotel ours. When we travel we now point out the chain to each other and smile.

We found the game "Bliss" during one of these quick getaways. We've learned so much about each others likes and desires during these times.

Our Liberator shapes will arrive sometime this week. Question - How do you travel with your shapes?

Gemma said...

We've only traveled with our shapes one time and we were driving so it wasn't an issue. We just put them in their storage bags (that come with the shapes) and brought them to the hotel room with the rest of our luggage.

Is that what you were asking or were you wanting to know how to fly with them?

luvmygirls said...

We've only driven with ours, too, that one time, and, like Gemma, we carried them in in their bags. My bride was nervous about being seen in case someone knew what they were.

MGKG1980 said...

Gemma, yes that's what I was asking. We leave tomorrow for Dallas for a few days.Work and pleasure, hopefully more pleasure. My wife is making the list of toys, food and wine to take. Our Liberator shapes are due to arrive tomorrow but UPS usually stops in the afternoon and we leave mid morning. :-(

Gemma said...

Have a good trip, MGKG. If your shapes don't arrive before you leave, you'll be able to play with them when you get back home.

midwestman said...

We did a "Great Sex Weekend" several years ago based on the book of that title. We had a fantastic weekend and for the first time in her life my wife experienced what it feels like to be a guy and have all this built up raw sexual energy just waiting to be released. She asked me "Is this what it's like for you all the time?". I said, yep! We went to a couples only motel that had a fireplace and hot tub in every room. It was a fantastic weekend. For those of you thinking about using this book, it is not written by a Christian author so you need to pick and choose the things you want to do (it suggests watching an X rated movie together for instance).


Mark 9:24 said...

A Sex Adventure Weekend.
Dare to Dream!..

Mark 9:24

Gemma said...

mwm, who is the author of "Great Sex Weekends"? Or if you can post the ISBN #... that would be great.

We're getting ready for a sex weekend. GR has points for free hotel so we're going to go out of town for the first time without the kids. They are older, in college, but youngest dd has a couple of health issues so rather than leave them home alone, we're thinking about having them stay with friends of ours for the weekend. This will be our very first time ever going out of town without our kids so it will be a big deal for us.

Mark 9:24 said...


You and GR on a Sex Weekend.
The mind boggles! ;-)

Mark 9:24

Hiswildcherry46 said...

Oh gosh, Gemma, I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your darling. I will pray for safety for your child with the health difficulties. That you and your man could be free of worry for this weekend would be a 'happy' for me to hear. Have a ball with each other and fulfill a few fantasies whilst you are at it.... ':)

Gemma said...

We're not doing it this weekend. Dh's across the country right now. But we are planning a weekend sometime this summer before our girls go back to college in the fall.

bunnyhunch said...

When our kids were at home, we used to get away overnight now and then. Having a chance to relax together sans kids was the main goal. We planned for sex, too, focusing on one main event, maybe a second in the morning. Romance was generally my main goal. His was to get some one, way or the other.

Now that we have an empty nest (and I quit a weekend job), we are more likely to take entire weekends at home, going nowhere an taking no calls - like we're gone on vacation. The only difference is that we take care of our own dog.

Things have really heated up since my awakening, so the focus is almost exclusively on sex. (And even if we're doing something else, we're still talking/thinking about it!) We expect to have lots of activity, and plan for much more variety, include photography, & whatever new thing we're wanting to try.

We're finally having real sex-focused weekends, whether we go away or not.

Gemma, I know you'll enjoy yours when you finally go!

job29man said...

We try to have a Sex Adventure Weekend once or twice a year. Don't always succeed. The fact is that the sexual motivation is mostly mine, and DW Sarah is motivated by great food and lots of sleep, and maybe a cuddling time watching a movie and so on.

We both make it a great weekend for the other. The only rule is pretty much that we will each give the other whatever they want, no exceptions. And we have the time and energy to do it.

For me this involves lots of sex in the daylight of the hotel room and her wearing special clothing for me, and underwear... I also like her to wear some temp tattoos on her ankle or arm, where it is visible. Kinda "out there" for us fuddy duddies.

Any special fantasy either one wants, is what they get. So I kinda save up my fantasies. Sometimes there is "dangerous" situation sex, like under a waterfall in a national park (yes), or out in the open on some sand dunes, or OS in a parking lot in our truck, etc.

There are also some "peek shows" I get in public places (carefully arranged so no one else can possible see.) I spoke on here once about the "shoe salesman" fantasy we acted out in Walmart in May.

Public, risk, quantity, unusual.

For you guys who don't think it would work for you. Have you actually asked? "Honey, I want to take you away for a weekend where we both do absolutely anything the other one wants. How's next weekend?"

Hiswildcherry46 said...

Hey Job29man,
Thanks for the inspiration. A romantic, sex-filled weekend away on our wish list, before school starts up.

Concentrating on my little ones still but you have described how we long to be oneday. Beautiful and free together.

Hate that you are alone again. My man just returned from an 8 day trip. I wandered through deep, aching longings for him whilst he was gone.
Believing for your darling to return safe into your arms.