Monday, July 6, 2009

Cool stocking stuffer

What wife would not just adore finding this sweet treat in her stocking on Christmas morning?


bunnyhunch said...

Yes, it would be fun to see it in my Christmas stocking, but... I can't get past thinking how much better it would be if only it had raised stripes, not smooth ones. Is it only me?

I think I'd gladly forgo the festive form in favor of this:
It's beautiful (saw it on my field trip a few months ago) and would surely bring plenty of holiday cheer!

Gemma said...

I could go either way, BH, regarding the raised stripes. A long while back I saw the coolest looking glass butt plug. You'd see this cool eyeball sticking out when wearing it. Since then, I haven't been able to find that particular butt plug os if anyone can find it, let me know.

bunnyhunch said...

Can't seem to grasp the butt plug idea yet. And an eyeball sticking out? I had to laugh. If I did decide to try one, there are soooo many kinds, I wouldn't know where to begin. But, never say never.

Having never had a glass dildo, I could be wrong about how effective a smooth one would be. I absolutely love the feeling of 'snail on glass'. Maybe raised stripes would get in the way. Or maybe having two would be best - one with, one without...

Some of them on the Liberator site look wicked.

Dani said...

I'll vote for two, too. :)

I haven't ever used glass, didn't even know about them until we were shopping on Liberator. I don't go to the store for toys, that has always been hubby's job. I have to agree some of them on Liberator look wicked.

Gemma said...

bunnyhunch, have you tried anal play at all? I only ask because my dh and I don't care for AS at all but I enjoy stimulation from anal play. That's what a butt plug does. It stimulates and for me, when I have an O after anal-stim, my O is way more intense.

And Dani--- Wicked looking glass toys = good fun!

bunnyhunch said...

Wickedly good fun, yes!

Gemma, did you ever get a glass dildo? The last time I remember you writing about it, one was on your wish list.

As to anal play... Only a very little, and never with a toy. That's another one of those things that was on my 'off limits' list for so long. I used to find the idea of it intriguing, but the reality of it was a put-off. I am open to experimentation with it now, particularly since DH is interested. On occasion he will use his finger on/in me during IC, but we haven't done anything else internally. I definitely love having him stimulate me on the outside when I'm near orgasm. Those O's send me to the moon & then some!

In time, I will probably like to try a plug. We'll see. But how in the world do you pick the first one? Just look for the most innocuous-looking one, the smallest and least likely to cause pain? Choosing a plug was much more daunting than choosing the first vibrator.

I have to say, my wish list is growing. My sexual learning curve has skyrocketed in the last 6/7 months and we're having a wonderful time!

Gemma said...

I don't have a glass dildo so it's still on my wish list.

This could be something gentle to start with for anal play:

rectal dilator kit (5 dilators included)

bunnyhunch said...

I followed your link - thank you. They look wicked to me in the other sense! Reading the description (OUCH! Why would anyone want to do anal fisting?!) & comments (too curious) left me wide-eyed & dumbfounded. A plug is still a possibility, but I have more questions, maybe to be asked later on a different thread so as not to hijack this one any further.

I'm ready to just think nice, pleasant thoughts, like of pretty glass candy canes tucked into a Christmas stocking. :-)

Gemma said...

They look wicked in what sense?

You don't have to be interested in anal fisting to enjoy anal play. Same thing with AS. You can enjoy anal play even if, like dh and me, you and dh have no intentions of doing AS.

Feel free to ask your questions.

bunnyhunch said...

Gemma: They look wicked in what sense?
Wicked in the unpleasant way. It's actually not so much the plugs themselves, rather the paragraph following the pics. I realize you don't have to be into AS, fisting, etc. in order to enjoy anal play; I was just reacting to what I read.

Okay - questions. This set has five different sizes; the comments posted on that site mentioned wanting an even larger set. That made me wonder if, after using one size, do most people start wanting larger and larger ones? Am I to expect that? Who does the inserting? Is it usually part of of foreplay so he inserts it, or do I, ahead of time?

Some of the plugs, particularly those made of metal, have beautiful, sensuous forms. I'd love to have a few in a bowl set on a dresser just because I like how they look. I'm sure they would elicit quite a reaction from anyone who may venture into our room, and I'm not sure I want that. Like our photos, it would be private art. Have to think that one through more. A bowl of beautiful butt plugs could be hidden away when visitors come, I suppose!