Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Postpartum Sex- You have got to listen to this!

I was checking something out at when I stumbled upon this very cool and informative video presentation on the topic of Postpartum Sex.

If you have recently had a baby or if you are expecting a baby you have got to hear this presentation. As I was listening to it, all I could think was "wow"..... just "wow". Check it out. Even if you and spouse are through having babies like GR and me, check it out anyway. You may see what you did wrong and be able to properly counsel another expecting couple.

For some of you this information may be "old hat" but judging from what I have read on TMB of the number of sexually neglected husbands months and even years after baby is born, I suspect that for many of you this may be new revelation and you will be thinking, "Wow, how come nobody told us this when we were expecting?" Please share your feedback with me.

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Hiswildcherry46 said...

Hi Gemma,
Finally figured out how to get to the presentation you mentioned..whew.
Interesting and yes, this info.would have been a help for all of my postpartum times.

I applaud the warning about PIV sex too soon after giving birth. Had me losing it big time in the shower afterwards from sheer exhaustion and not being ready for what almost seemed like an invasion of my new mommy body.

I really liked the idea of mutual MB as a warm up for a time and stress reliever for both but don't know if my newly wifed brain could have 'gone there'.

Once we'd had a few babies, I was so bold and familiar with my body, I believe some encouragement to self pleasure, and do so together, would have done wonders for our sex life. However, religious taboos would have squashed that idea entirely.

I loved the idea of returning to a virginal-like mentality to re-court each other. Engenders respect for the postpartum mommy body and builds desire whilst she is dealing with not looking so crash hot like before preg.

Overall, a good set of ideas.