Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Reader's Favorite- Acting Out Sexual Fantasies in Public & Fantasizing About the Rest of Them

One of my readers told me that this would be a fun topic to discuss on my blog so, here it is! I am not sure what the reader specifically had in mind but we will see where this topic takes us. Have you ever acted out a sexual fantasy in public? Do you have fantasies that you have not acted out but would like to one day? What about the ones that pop up in your head but you know you would never really act out? Do you share any or all of your fantasies with your spouse? Is your spouse happy or horrified to hear about them? Please share your fantasies with us--- the good, the bad and the ugly.

Gemma has a confession to make ;-). Although my dh and I are very discreet when in public, *in my fantasy world* I could easily enjoy the life of a sexual exhibitionist. First I will list a few realistic exhibition scenarios that we have either tried or would like to try:

*Husband and I go out fully dressed except, as usual, I am going commando underneath my dress and I am wearing a jacket. He has me collared and leashed. The leash runs from my collar and through my jacket sleeve where he holds the end of the leash that is sticking out my sleeve and leads me around as his sex slave the entire evening.

*Husband and I are walking in town and he becomes overwhelmingly aroused so he drags me into an alley, pushes me against a wall, shoves my dress up and penetrates me. When he is done with me he wipes us dry with his hand and makes me lick it clean. Then we leave the alley and go on about our business.

*Husband and I are sitting side by side in a restaurant and throughout the meal we man-stim each other... me by sliding my hand down his pants... him by slipping his hand up my dress or skirt.

*Husband and I go walking along a secluded beach by the sea. Before we step outside, he insists on putting breast clamps on me and a harness which fills me with a dildo and a plug. I wear a summer dress over it. We walk along the beach this way for an hour or so and then we enter the water while taking off our clothes and he takes off my clamps and harness. We enjoy water play and have sex while in the water.

*While shopping and looking at stuff together, husband stands right behind me and discreetly grinds his body against mine while kissing my neck. As we move to different aisles in the store we stop, grind, kiss and then move on to another aisle. This takes the boredom out of shopping.

*Husband and I go out on the boat, find a remote area and shove our clothes aside just enough to allow us to have sex. This way we are "covered" in case another boat shows up.

*Husband and I have sex on the hood of the car or inside the car while it is in the garage.


Now here I will describe a few of my more raunchy sexual exhibition fantasies. BE FOREWARNED--- If it bothers you to read raunchy fantasies, stop here and read no more. Otherwise, continue on. Keep in mind, what follows is nothing but fantasy for me that will never come to fruition so please do not lecture me on the inappropriateness of some of the scenes. That is why I say they will always and only be fantasy for me.

*Husband and I are nude, unbeknownst to us, and we are walking down a street. While many people are walking past and pointing at us, we suddenly realize that we are nude but have no way to quickly cover up or escape the eyes of others so we have to continue walking for a long time with everyone staring at us.

*Husband and I are walking in town and he becomes overwhelmingly aroused so he drags me into an alley, pushes me against a wall, shoves my dress up and penetrates me. We have been going at it for a while and we finally O. As we are Oing we suddenly are aware that others have been watching.

*Husband and I are seated in a public building like a restaurant or a meeting hall and nobody is around. We think we have the place to ourselves. To have fun while we are alone, husband makes me stand while he cuts my dress to a length half-way between my belly button and my vulva, leaving me totally exposed. He orders me to put my feet up on furniture with my legs spread wide apart while he ties my ankles in place. Suddenly people begin filing into the room. Oops! To try and cover me up in front of the others, husband quickly places is hand over my vulva. After a while he gets bored and begins discreetly fingering me while we pretend that nothing is wrong.

*Husband and I go nude walking along a nice beach by the sea. Before we head outside, he insists on putting breast clamps on me and a harness which fills me with a dildo and plug. We walk along the beach for about an hour with others around. He gets an erection and I am becoming more and more aroused but he forbids me to have an O so I am going out of my mind with arousal. Suddenly I cannot hold back any longer and I have an O with others watching. Husband is displeased with my disobedience. As punishment he ties me to a nearby picnic table and gives me a good spanking only the spanking keeps me in an aroused state. He finally gives up and uses me as a sex toy from behind.

Last but not least, this is a lengthy one---

*I have been extremely naughty and deserve punishment so husband teaches me a lesson. He strips me and brings me to a busy downtown intersection. I am shocked at what he is doing. He ties me to a bench face up with my head dangling off the edge. He attaches my feet to a wide spreader bar to further embarrass me so everyone can see between my legs and he places a mouth gag on me to keep me quiet.

He sexually teases me, walks away and leaves me there a while where others walk by, point and make lewd comments. He comes back, teases and walks away several more times. Each time he walks away he leaves me more and more aroused until I am begging him to allow me sexual release but he is not through with the punishment.

He unzips his pants, grabs me by the back of my head and makes me deep-throat him while he roughly thrusts my head back and forth from his body until he is ready to O. Just before Oing he pulls my head away from him, shoots his cum all over my face and neck and leaves me that way. He makes me beg for another hour while he continues to sexually tease me but no release is allowed.

Then he unties me and repositions me face down on the bench from the waist up, leaving my legs dangling towards the ground and my ankles still fastened to the spreader bar while he reties me. He gets behind me and does me like a dog until we both O. As he finishes he hisses in my ear, "I hope my little whore-wife has learned her lesson. Next time you disobey me, the punishment will be twice as bad. Now there is one more thing you must do."

He hangs a sign around my neck while I am still nude. The sign reads, "DISOBEDIENT WHORE-WIFE-- HUSBAND TAUGHT ME A LESSON." He ties a rope around me, passing it tightly around my breasts and between my legs accentuating my private parts and leaves a ten foot "leash" forcing me to walk way behind him. This creates quite the scene for others walking by as he pulls me through the streets especially since I end up having several O's on the way home from the tight ropes.



My husband would never seriously treat me this way in real life and mean it. If we acted out these exhibition scenes in private we would do them to have fun with our fantasies. Like I mentioned earlier--- Sexual exhibitionism is only something I could easily and enjoyably live out in my fantasy world as I pretend to be a bad girl. In real life I would never do these things in front of others. Now you know one of my dirty little secrets ;-).

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Postpartum Sex- You have got to listen to this!

I was checking something out at when I stumbled upon this very cool and informative video presentation on the topic of Postpartum Sex.

If you have recently had a baby or if you are expecting a baby you have got to hear this presentation. As I was listening to it, all I could think was "wow"..... just "wow". Check it out. Even if you and spouse are through having babies like GR and me, check it out anyway. You may see what you did wrong and be able to properly counsel another expecting couple.

For some of you this information may be "old hat" but judging from what I have read on TMB of the number of sexually neglected husbands months and even years after baby is born, I suspect that for many of you this may be new revelation and you will be thinking, "Wow, how come nobody told us this when we were expecting?" Please share your feedback with me.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

How did you celebrate Father's Day?

In the GR/Gemma household we like to keep things simple and fun. For Father's Day I wanted to give GR 3 sex sessions instead of our usual 1-2. I wanted his sexual cup to really overflow. So we had sex around 1am this morning, again around 5am and will do each other again tonight when we go to bed.

Also, GR and I recently completed our first set of golf lessons. This morning he wanted to go practice at the driving range so that is exactly what we did. He is better than I at golf but we both enjoy it.

Now we are all putting together a grilled meal.

How has Father's Day been in your household?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Reader's Favorite- guilt-free hot talk

This reader shared with me in saying, "I agree that "hot talk" should be a totally guilt-free experience for a husband or wife to do. ..... hmmm... maybe this is worth a separate topic?"

What exactly does "hot talk" mean to you? Do you use it? Why or why not? Would you like to begin using it? Why or why not? If you use it, what does it do for you and/or your spouse? Does it bother you as a Christian to use "hot talk"? If God wants you to experience ultimate pleasure in your marriage bed, and I believe He does, do you feel that your using "hot talk" would bother Him?

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fishing for more O's

This article is in reference to men Oing so husbands please reply or if you are a wife, please reply for your husband. I know it is more challenging for men to have multiple O's during any given session but when it does happen what do you feel causes it for you?

GR and I just arrived home today from a week of R&R mingled in with a lot of fishing at our vacation resort. While there, he and I daily enjoyed our time in the marriage bed but that is not unusual for us. What IS unusual is what happened to us early this morning.

Around 5am I awoke feeling sexually aroused and somewhat restless so I immediately began giving GR a hand job, waking him up in the process. One thing led to another and eventually he was wanting to do PIV-IC so we moved into IC. Here is what shocked me. He O'd once. He O'd a second time. He went for a third O and by this time I was thinking, "Surely this will be his last," because he never O's more than 3 times in any one session. Well, this time he went for another O, enjoying a fourth one. "You had 4 O's, didn't you?" I asked in disbelief. "Yes, I did," he replied. "Must have been all this fishing, huh?" I jokingly asked him. "I suppose so!"

Guys, when you have more than one O, what do you think contributes to it? What makes you keep going like the Ever-Ready battery? Or... do you think it is just the luck of the draw? Please help me in my understanding.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Arrivederci! ... Good bye!

Tomorrow GR, our two college girls and I will be heading to a cottage at a lake resort for a week of R&R. GR and I will have our own bedroom, of course. We have also reserved a pontoon for the week so we look forward to some enjoyable boating while there. A few beloved family members will be staying in a nearby cottage as will our dear friends, Mr. and Mrs. Rkt from TMB.

I probably will not have internet access while there so while I am away please think good thoughts for us and behave yourselves ;-). I will miss you all so be sure to show your faces upon my return. I expect to be back here by Saturday evening or sometime Sunday of next week... weekend of June 12-14.

Have a good week. Arrivederci!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Reader's Favorite- In the heat of the moment, what do complimentary words do for you and for your spouse?

Do you use complimentary words in your marriage? This reader does:

"I also love praising my wife for her amazing body. There is such power in giving words of exultation during love making."

We each have our own word preferences. The following questions are in reference to words we use in the marriage bed. What do complimentary words consist of for you? Do you know which words "do it" for your spouse and if not, would they tell you if you asked? What is the difference between offering genuine complimentary words and giving words of flattery? Why is flattery damaging even in bed? Which words to you most enjoy receiving? Does your spouse know of these words? Have you told him/her? When in the heat of the moment, what do complimentary words do for you and for your spouse? Please share your thoughts.