Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Reader's Favorite- Privately expressing sexuality in a public place

Here is another reader's favorite topic. This reader says,

"...expressing sexuality privately in a public place. What I mean is like when DW wears something "special" under her conservative outfit, or maybe wears nothing at all underneath, and I'm the only one who knows. Or when we take a seat at a noisy cafe and sit close and talk explicitly about sex. No one can hear us except us. Or other such things like that."

GR and I also enjoy this one. Just yesterday we were running a few errands and it was a windy day. When we go out he likes for me to wear dresses without panties. As we quickly ducked inside a store entrance while I desperately tried to hold my dress down I told him, "Wow, it is so windy and you know I am not wearing panties so if my dress flies up, the whole world will see me." The visual of that possibly happening put a smile on his face. (He has a wicked sense of humor.) Whenever we can, we like to sit side by side in restaurants so we can talk dirty and touch each other throughout the meal and not worry about others hearing or seeing us.

Do any of you have ideas for how you would like to share sexuality with your spouse in public places or can you share stories of what you have done?


hiswildcherry said...

Hi Gemma,
We are always talking about our vibrant sex life. I blush really easily so my husband enjoys teasing me during my passionate discourses with him. He is good at making sure we sit in private spots every time we go out, even at home on our porch or in our bedroom, as he knows I am potentially louder than he feels comfortable with, when I get excited.
We talk extensively in the car and love to drive together so that we can have freedom to talk sex all the time.
He is logical/analytical and I am emo/spontaneous so we have a fiery relationship which we both feed off.
Our sex language is constant in our marriage and we thrive on every moment of it.
I know that we would have had a much rougher adjustment to my sexual awakening if we had not talked so much in our married life. He is my best friend and we literally can talk about anything and everything. I adore my man.

so blessed said...

Restaurants are great for sexy foreplay. Dim lighting is a plus; request a booth in the corner or at the end of a row, that is secluded as much as possible from the rest of the dining room.

If seated across from each other, DH sits facing the dining room, with DW hidden by the back of the booth. Visual possibilities include opening extra blouse buttons, self-caresses through a deep V-neck, etc., and a well-placed stockinged foot under the table cloth can stir up some heat.

Seated side-by-side, DW takes the inside seat, and slips her dress out from under her bottom. Then if DH places his arm around behind her he has full access to whatever. Hint: Playing with a thong strap while she places her order can be quite distracting!

luvmygirls said...

We love to drop innuendos all the time and she often teases me with bending over to pick something up while wearing a lower-cut v-neck. She knows I LOVE her breasts. Soft, smooth, warm...HHMM! She has in recent history begun showing me what she's got a little in public, but alone in a booth. Our dates are few and far between because we get so little time to be with our daughter alone, so we take advantage of that, too.

But when we're in a place where we can flirt and talk, we do that plenty. During a movie, we'll move the armrest up and I'll keep my hand on her upper thigh, my pinky grazing her through her panties (or sometimes not); I'll slide my hand down her low-cut shirt and stroke her nipple under her bra; she cups me and squeezes me, sometimes undoing my fly if we're settled in for a while; she eats a breadstick or takes the straw into her mouth with a little stroke of her tongue while looking into my eyes with a wry smile; on the way back from a date she has unbottoned her pants and rubbed herself while I drove, knowing I couldn't do anything about it, and would sometimes reach her hand across to give me a taste or to wipe it on my mustache to smell on the way home. She's so modest. She's an elementary teacher and I'm a student pastor, so we feel our public boundaries are a little tighter than many, but we love what we do. It's so new to us. She's a passionate and generous lover who keeps me revved.

Odo said...

"Strategic Bumping". Walking is isle ways in stores, we (I, DH) will move past DW and bump into her bum, if secluded or isle is vacant, I will do it slowly with, um, strategic pressure. The usual comment will be something to the effect, "sure is narrow passing in this isle", which it obviously isn't which gets DW's response of, "yeah, likely story! Chuckle!)" Often followed with discreet touches if possible and seductive glances. MUCH FUN! DW knows me to be an active "opportunist" taking advantage of such situations to touch and bump and, well, whatever is possible!