Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Reader's Favorite-- Do you have a particular sexual success story to share?

One of my readers expressed a desire to hear about others' sexual success stories:

"Success stories would be great - tales of what sex is like after we or our spouses conquer those mental demons that hold us/them back. I think they'd be very exciting to hear and encouraging to others in the same boat."

Well, folks, here is your chance to share! Let us hear of your small or large successes which have led or are leading to a more passionate marriage. Please do not feel like you need to share your life story. Just focus on a particular sexual success and share it with us.


LIT56RD said...

About a year and a half ago I went searching (internet, books and anything else) for ways to encourage my DW to have sex with me more often. Instead God lead me to make some major changes in MY life and in our marriage. Through much discussion, some arguments and a lot of brutal honesty our marriage (and sex life) has blossomed to something I never thought would be possible. We still have things to resolve and are constantly learning, but the passion in our marriage both in and out of the bedroom has grown immensely. Once I learned, and finally believed, that God intended married couples to have and enjoy frequent and meaningful sex, our marriage changed. Thanks greatly to The Marriage Bed website and the super guidance and encouragement of people like you Gemma.
Our particular sexual success story is on the increase in frequency and we are now working on specific activities.
Thank You Gemma


bunnyhunch said...
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Who am I said...

We have been very slowly going through Intimacy Ignited by Dillow. My wife reads it outloud, and then we have been doing the Bible Study at the end, and discussing it.

It has given us a new perspective on our love life, which keeps warming up more and more.

Gemma said...

You're welcome, LIT56RD :-). My hope is to be able to continue encouraging others in their marriage bed.