Thursday, May 14, 2009

My bed buddy is gone

I missed my bed buddy last night as GR and another tech instructor had to do some teaching out of town yesterday and today. The bed is a lonely place for one person. When I have to sleep alone I can't wait for morning so I can leave the bedroom. That is all I wanted to say. It was a sad night. I look forward to having GR back tonight.


Who am I said...

So is bed buddy home yet? Bet it was hot in bed when he did/does get there.

Gemma said...

Yes, bed buddy was back in our bed Thursday night. All is well. Thanks for asking.

hiswildcherry said...

Preparation time aaagggaaaiiinn,
My bedbuddy going away tomorrow for work for the week and back by Fri. He hates leaving me as always.
Oh gosh, I get beside myself when he is gone. I literally physically ache for his touch. I take time the day before he leaves to run my hands all over him to make imprints of his body in my 'feeler' brain so that I can pull on those memories when he is gone. Poor relief but I have been honing those memory hook skills.
I CAN do this 'let him leave me' thing again.
Years of saying goodbye has crushed me.
Now and again,I spend time in his closet, smelling his clothes to stop some of my pain, even if only for a few seconds. Sounds pathetic to some of you I am sure. A few women will identify with me, I know you will.

Gemma said...

HWC, does your dh often leave for a week at a time? I know that's tough. My dh is usually only gone for 1-2 days... occasionally for 3 days.

The worse part for me is sleeping alone... not having GR in the bed with me... not being able to reach over and stim his privates when I'm awake or in my sleep and not having him there to do the same to me. He and I are so pathetically, sexually dependent on each other.

My dh will be away on business again Tues night but it will only be for that one night.

hiswildcherry said...

Hi Gemma,

I started the 'pathetic' word usage and I repent of it right here and now. You are beautiful in your sexual dependency upon each other. Oh that more Christian spouses would be so towards each other.
My man's job used to require overseas travel with 3 wks away and 2 at home...sucked big time.
Once I began being the sensually, sexual wife he had been praying for FOREVA, my husband began wanting to be home :-)
Horrible for us both to admit but he was fine being away and I was fine with him being gone until I began to sexually crave him last year.
God truly hears the "nagging" prayers of a hot-for-her-husband wife. I am a woman of great faith in God and great sexual desire for my husband. God has fully opened ears to my heart's cry.
Tues. night will be my prayer night for you, Gemma. Haven't prayed for you yet, and I intercede a bunch, so receive my gift ;)

Gemma said...

Thank you for your prayers, HWC.

hiswildcherry said...

You are fun to pray for Gemma. You have a soft heart before the Lord.
My prayer focus was upon God blessing you with a new revelation, about some area of your unique self, which he wishes to make even more fulfilled.
Women who have a belated sexual awakening have so many 'shut doors' so I prayed that a door which you may not have opened yet, be shown to you so that you may allow the Holy Spirit to 'clean house' and let His light shine through you more brightly.
People who pray do not need feedback, Gemma. Simply receive and make us all happy with another of your insightful posts ;-)

bunnyhunch said...

HWC: Now and again,I spend time in his closet, smelling his clothes to stop some of my pain, even if only for a few seconds. Sounds pathetic to some of you I am sure. A few women will identify with me, I know you will.This is what I do, too, HWC! DH's work rarely takes him away, usually only a few times a year & for only a few days at a time, but I miss him terribly when he's gone. The first thing I do is go to his closet & smell his clothes!

I don't like reaching across the bed at night only to find him gone. It is hard for me to sleep. Others like you & Gemma have this happen more often & for longer periods of time, so I am fortunate and cannot complain.

I always try to make his homecoming special, even though it will only have been a couple of days.

It is great to know there are other women who long for their husbands so deeply. It is also great that our husbands are longing for us just as much. :-)

Hiswildcherry46 said...

my bed buddy home safe and sound and we had an awesomely sexually connected weekend. back to work and 'the grind' but so sweet to have had our taste of honey for a few days ;-)