Monday, April 6, 2009

Do you ever "touch and do" without being aroused?

We were not aware of this until recently but GR and I discovered a habit which we both have been practicing. Each time I go to bed at night or awakening in the morning, I reach over and begin kissing and caressing him, especially in the nether region. It does not matter if I am horny or not. This is what I do and in the process, I always and quickly find myself becoming aroused even if I do not start out that way. Then we have passionate sex.

Apparently, GR does the same thing to me! When coming to bed or when awakening, he will reach over and begin kissing and caressing, especially around my breasts, thighs and nether region even if he is not initially aroused. And then we have passionate sex.

Saturday night we had sex. Then on Sunday morning he initiated sex and we enjoyed another good romp in the bed. Afterward I asked him, "So, did you wake up a little horny this morning?" "Not really," he replied much to my surprise. Puzzled I asked him, "What do you mean you were not horny?" It sure seemed like he was to me and he initiated it. He then explained, "I can start things with you even when I am not aroused and I know I will always become horny shortly afterward.

So now we realize that even during those times when we are not initially aroused, GR and I love to jump in and quickly put things into motion. That is just way too cool for my thinking. You often hear a spouse say, "My husband (or wife) was not in the mood" OR... "I was not in the mood," and then they miss out on a golden opportunity to have sex. But for us, it works well to just "touch and do" regardless of how we feel. We do not live solely on our feelings or desires in our marriage bed yet it always, ALWAYS results in hot, passionate desire for each other.


Mike said...

We have a simple rule, "don't worry about being in the mood, just play with each other".

I find myself kissing my DW's breasts throughout the day. She maybe washing the dishes and I will come up from behind and start playing with them. I must admit I don't really notice myself doing it.

She likes to play with my balls. She just does it, this is not something we plan.

Gemma said...

Good rule, Mike :-).