Sunday, March 8, 2009

A new playroom

It has been a busy weekend here for us. GR and I swapped bedrooms with one of our daughters. When we first moved here almost five years ago we wanted a bedroom facing the street, however, most recently I made two startling discoveries.

1) We were not making the most efficient use of the upstairs closets because of the way we assigned bedrooms five years ago.

2) Off of her bedroom, daughter #1 had a decent size deck that she was not using and............ I wanted it ;-) . Her bedroom is the only one on the back side of the house.

So while she was on spring break from college this week we made a bedroom swap. What a job! But we feel it will be best for all of us. We live in a city so the deck is too close to our neighbors to really be a private spot for GR and me. Our plan is to close it in and make a sitting/lounging. OK, if you must know-- a sex play room. The deck is far away from our kids' bedrooms so it will be extremely private once we close it in.

Last night was our first time sleeping in the new bedroom. It was "exhausted" sex because we were so wiped out when we finally hit the bed ;-). Daughter #2 was already sleeping. Daughter #1 had just slipped into the bathroom to shower when I rolled over and began ravishing GR. Daughter #1 takes long showers so we had plenty of time for a good romp in the bed before she even came out of the bathroom. So our new room is officially christened.

We look forward to many passionate nights and mornings in our new room.


Mark 9:24 said...

So are you going to get a Liberator Zeppelin for your new Romping Room? ;)

Gemma said...

Why, Mark, I don't know, lol! We'll figure out something after we close it in.

midwestman said...

Until you get it closed in, you can always just set up a pup tent out there and have at it - nothing like "camping sex"!


Gemma said...

A tent? I never thought of that. I'll have to run it by GR.

Sensuous Wife said...

You've been wanting and needing more privacy from your kids for a long time. I celebrate with you and am so happy for you that this space has opened up for you and GR.

Mark 9:24 said...

I was just askin' because a Zeppelin would be in my fantasy sex room. :)

Shoot, almost everything Liberator sells would be in it!

BTW MWM good idea on the tent. Gemma would have to be quiet though!

Gemma said...

Thanks, SW. Yes, we've needed a little extra private space.

Gemma said...

Which Zeppelin would be in your fantasy sex room, Mark? I see:

Zeppelin Pillow
Zeppelin Lounger
Zeppelin Cocoon
Zeppelin Rest

The Zeppelin Pillow looks interesting. I'm afraid some of those Zeppelin items would be larger than what I'd want in this little room.

Mark 9:24 said...

If I had the room and the $$$ I'd get the 7ft Zeppelin.

Who am I said...

Sounds like you must be recovering well from your surgery. Seems like you have more of your zip back.

I love the porch idea for a private sex retreat. Good luck with the project.

Gemma said...

So Mark, you'd go for the gold, huh? That's a pretty big toy ;-)!

Gemma said...


I am, indeed, recovering well from surgery. Occasional I have some pain or discomfort but it's been very minor compared to how I felt prior to surgery. GR and I resumed intimacy the week after surgery but I could tell I wasn't totally up to par. We were only having sex 2-3 times a week. GR was holding back and I didn't mind while I was healing. I had to keep reminding myself that I had just undergone major surgery. It wasn't terribly hard to remember as I had experienced 5 days of dry heaves after surgery :-(. It took me several more weeks before I was back to my old self in the sack. So I guess my zip is back, lol.

Mark 9:24 said...

Gemma said: So Mark, you'd go for the gold, huh? That's a pretty big toy ;-)!

You bet! I'd go very big if I had the $$$, but hey, I can dream. :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Gemma,
Question? I came across your site from the marriage bed site.
I read your post... what exactly does it mean you "became your husband's whore"

My wife and I are just a little younger than you, with my wife becoming more enlighten every week,
She'll surprise me some night and do something out of the blue(like oral sex and even tell me to release in her orally) But then at other times, she'll do back to
"can we just do it normally"

I get confused, why can't we just pick up where we left off and continue to grow sexually closer from there?

The times she really release will be heaven, but then it's like walking on egg shells at other times. Did you go through a similar faze?

Am I asking too much?

Just curious,


Gemma said...

Anon asked:
"... what exactly does it mean- you became your husband's whore?"

As stated in my "About Me" bio in the right sidebar:

"I wear that title as a 'badge of honor'. It is a reminder for me to always put my husband first and to keep him sexually satisfied at all times.... which he does for me as well."

I don't even get out of bed without making sure GR is sexually satisfied. I sexually offer myself to him at least mornings and nights and often in the middle of the night. I desire him. I crave him. I love and need sex just like a worldly whore craves sex. GR sometimes call me 'my little whore' when we're having sex. This works for us.

I realize for some wives, being called a 'whore' would not be complementary. But every wife should want to be called something by her husband, kwim?

Anon asked:
"Did you go through a similar faze?"

No, I honestly didn't. I used to be high-SD before marriage. Until 2 years ago, during our marriage I repressed anything sexual. When I awakened in Dec 2006 I opened the floodgates and everything sexual from my old high-SD came out. I went from no-SD to high-SD overnight. One day I didn't want it, next day I wanted it all the time.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your reply, then.. there's hope!

I keeping on loving my wife the way she wants me to, and trust the Lord she'll be more consistant.
You've given me something to look forward to.


Gemma said...

In the 25+ years that I refused, GR had plenty reason to give up hope. To be sure, he went through seasons where the topic of sex never even came up but during the other seasons he pressed on, keeping his eyes on the prize. His relentless hope was one of the motivations for me to finally accept responsibility back in the year 2001 for my sin of refusing.

Although I didn't learn how to "fix me" until 2006, accepting responsibility for my sin in 2001 was a HUGE step in the right direction. I finally realized that I couldn't be a Christian while not honoring and respecting my dh. I couldn't be a Christian while harboring unconfessed sin in my life.

So I guess my spiritual awakening was 2-fold, acknowledgment and confession:

1) acknowledging that my refusing was sin in God's eyes.

2) confessing my sin so I could work towards honoring and respecting GR.