Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sex After Surgery

Some of you might think that GR and I never have sexual problems. Well, of course we occasionally do. What we are going through now is related to my surgery.

As I wrote before, we were up and having sex again three weeks ago, which was one week after surgery. I still had to be careful but sex was doable and enjoyable for both of us. In the last three weeks of recuperation there have been a couple of hitches which have affected our frequency and have bothered me although I know the hitches are a temporary problem.

Because of the nature of my surgery I periodically have discomfort in my stomach and/or throat. I can be fine one minute while in bed and next thing I know the discomfort starts or I will begin to feel slightly nauseated. The other evening I got dry heaves again. (Might as well shoot me when I get dry heaves... ugh.) It will take more time for all this discomfort to completely leave.

Meanwhile, I always tell GR when the discomfort or nauseated feelings show up but being the caring person that he is, he has been somewhat reluctant to initiate sex with all this going on. I will admit that the symptoms can be bothersome so I understand his hesitation but I have been trying to get across to him that unless I say "something hurts", then nothing is bothering me and sex is "a go". We are still having sex but not as often as usual.

While my body continues to recover we are working through all this. It has been frustrating for me to have anything hurt while we are in bed. (Did I ever tell you guys that I am not a good sick person?) I know I need to be patient. If there is a silver lining in all this-- We have been having more time to talk and communication is good, overall. But I miss our high frequency; we both miss it.

Anyway, I thought I would journal this today to let you all know that GR and I do, indeed, have occasional sexual bumps in the road. Please keep us in your prayers. I want these symptoms to clear up so we can go back to what is a normal high frequency for us.

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