Monday, February 9, 2009

Quirky Sexual Habits

Do you have any unusual habits with your sex life? Most people who know me realize that GR and I regularly engage in frequent, passionate sex. In the last couple of years, though, I have noticed a little pattern with him. I do not see it as a negative thing; it is nothing bad.

Many times, on the night before he leaves town for a business trip or especially on the morning he leaves, he is too distracted to relax and enjoy sex the way he usually does. Most of his business trips only last 1-3 days so it is no biggie for me. I just chalk it up to him focusing on his trips.

This happened last night and then again this morning. GR left town early this morning for a one day trip. Either tonight or in the morning I know that we will have sex again as he will be just as horny as I. Usually his trips are only once a month so this really does not affect me in a major way. Now, if he had to travel on a weekly basis, that could be a different story. He might have to get over his little quirkiness ;-).

Do you have any quirky habits that pertain to your sex life? Does it bother your spouse? How about your spouse- does he/she have any quirky, sexual habits? Does it bother you?


Gemma said...

Yesterday Gemma said:
"Either tonight or in the morning I know that we will have sex again as he will be just as horny as I."

It was just as I predicted. Last night we enjoyed an hour long romp in the sack. What's kind of funny about that--- GR had to leave town again this morning for another one day trip. But he's never one who likes to skip more than a day of sex so last night he went against his norm in spite of the fact that it was the night before leaving for a trip.

Cocotte said...

I think this is quirky, though not husband is a sex freak when it comes to hotel rooms. We barely get the door unlocked when he is on top of me. He's never like that at home, so it seems quirky to me!

Gemma said...

Haha, Cocotte, I'll bet you try to schedule monthly hotel nights as much as possible or at least quarterly to bring out the wild side of your dh. Do you think being home distracts him or maybe having the kids around makes it harder for him to loosen up?

I've gotten past the worries of the kids hearing us but I do still have one hangup about it? I don't like to see the kids immediately after we have sex.

The other night we had a session and then afterwards I had to go out in the hall to use the bathroom. (We don't have a master bath.) My oldest dd's door is right next to mine and she had it wide open while she was studying. I remember mumbling to her, "Your light is shinning in our room. I'm going to close your door," and I did. It's like, if I see the kids too soon after sex it breaks "the magic".

Cocotte said...

Nope, there's nothing about home that distracts him. He just thinks doing it in a strange place is hot, I'm guessing!