Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Guess what temporarily eliminates incision soreness?

GR had been strangely quiet about sex, or the lack thereof, since my surgery of Tues Jan 27. We arrived home Thurs evening from the hospital. Daily on Fri, Sa and Su, I continued having 1-3 episodes of dry heaves per day. Did I ever mention that I am NOT a good sick person? When I experience dry heaves all I can think is, "Just put me out of my misery and shoot me."

Anyhow, on Mon there were no dry heaves at all and yesterday was the same. By the time we were in bed last night GR was wiped out and promptly went to sleep. I tried to get comfortable beside him but it was not happening so I began my "I'm bored" thoughts. Dum-de-dum-dum-dum... and then the idea hit me. I know... let's see if we can have sex without increased soreness from the incisions. No way did I think that the soreness would actually leave while we were having fun.

We were sort of spooned with GR behind me. Every little movement causes me to feel the incision soreness so I careful began reaching my arm around behind me until I had it planted right where I wanted it to be on GR. Long story short-- He woke up to a HJ and then gave me MS. By then I was feeling no pain at all and in spite of me being somewhat limited in movement, we continued on and finished it all with glorious PIV-IC.

I asked GR if he had been horny all week since my surgery day. "Yes," he admitted to me. So I continued pressing for answers, "Why didn't you say something a few days ago?" His short reply, "Because I didn't want to pressure you for sex after surgery until I knew you were ready." And then he added, "I figured you would let me know when that time would come." "OK," I told him, "But what if a month had gone by and I wouldn't have indicated a sexual need or desire?" With utmost confidence in his voice he replied, "Oh, I knew you would."

So there you have it. PIV-IC can even make incision soreness temporarily go away... far, far away. That even beats having it eliminate headache pain, I think.

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